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Royal Guard: A Powerful Enemy In Dark And Darker

Dark and Darker is a multiplayer fantasy video game that comprises various weapons and enemies.

Royal Guard is among the most powerful and feared enemies.

Royal Guard is a formidable enemy players encounter in the deeper levels of the dungeon. It is a fully armored skeleton with a big sword and shield. 

This article discusses the Royal Guard in Dark and Darker and how to defeat it.

Introduction To Royal Guard In Dark And Darker

The Royal Guard is a powerful boss players encounter in the Royal Coffins.

Royal Coffins is a new area that contains high-level loot and secrets.

The Royal Guard is a skeletal warrior with solid attacks and defenses who carries a sword and a shield.

Royal guard dark and darker
Players must fight the royal guard before looting the Royal Coffins.

Additionally, the Royal Guard has various distinctive motions that make combat with them harder.

Players must make careful use of their talents, weapons, and perks in addition to dodging the Royal Guard’s lethal attacks to destroy them.

Therefore, Royal Guard is one of the game’s most challenging and rewarding adversaries.

Players can get access to additional weapons, perks, spells, and artifacts that can improve their gameplay by taking down the Royal Guard.

Moreover, the Royal Guard protects the Rusty Iron Door, a hidden entrance to its lair that conceals further riches and secrets.

So, it is a formidable foe that tests the players’ skills and courage in Dark and Darker.

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How To Fight The Dark and Darker Royal Guard?

The Dark and Darker Royal Guard is a formidable opponent that requires a lot of strategy and skill to defeat.

Here are some tips on how to fight the Royal Guard:

1. Inspect His Attack Pattern

The sword and shield the Royal Guard uses may deflect your blows and do significant damage.

You must know its assault patterns to evade or dodge when necessary.

The Royal Guard may also use a devastating slam strike that will stun you if you go too near.

When you see it lift its sword, preserve your distance or move away to escape this.

2. Use Powerful Weapons

Royal Guard has high health and armor levels.

Therefore, you must use weapons and perks that can do significant damage and get past the Royal Guard’s defenses.

Some weapons you may obtain from the Royal Coffins are efficient against the Royal Guard.

These weapons include the Flaming Sword, the Poison Dagger, and the Lightning Spear.

Also, you can use perks like Critical Strike, Fire Mastery, or Poison Mastery to increase your damage.

3. Use Spells

Magic can harm the Royal Guard, especially fire and lightning.

You can cast spells like Fireball, Lightning Bolt, or Frost Nova that harm the Royal Guard with an elemental attack.

Additionally, you may use magical objects like the Fire Ring, Lightning Rod, and Ice Crystal.

4. Be Aware Of Other Enemies

In the Royal Coffins, the Royal Guard is not the only enemy.

While battling the Royal Guard, you may also come under attack from other foes like Skeletons, Bats, or Spiders.

Before confronting the Royal Guard, you’ll need to be on the lookout for these foes and try to eliminate them.

Also, you can employ perks like Area Damage, Chain Reaction, or Explosive Shot that can help you defeat several foes.

Rewards For Defeating The Dark And Darker Royal Guard

The benefits of conquering the Dark and Darker Royal Guard make the challenge worthwhile.

You can gain access to some of the most vital goods and advantages in the game by eliminating the Royal Guard, including:

  • The Royal Sword: It is a legendary sword belonging to the valley’s king. It has high damage and a chance to inflict bleeding on enemies.
  • The Royal Crown: It is a mythical relic once owned by the valley’s ruling dynasty. It has a high magic rating and the potential to boost your power.
  • Royal Perk: You can get this perk only by defeating the Royal Guard. You receive an ongoing improvement in your magic, damage, health, and armor.
  • The Royal Shield: A legendary shield belonging to the valley’s queen. It has a strong defense and the ability to deal damage to attackers’ backs.

The Bottom Line

The Dark and Darker Royal Guard is a formidable foe, but its fruitful rewards make it worth the challenge.

With careful planning and execution, even the most seasoned players can conquer this mighty foe.

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