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Deadshot Perk In Darktide: Build For Maximum Output

Deadshot is a perk players can use for higher damage and many more in Darktide, which is useful for the Veteran class in the game.

A Veteran is a class in the game useful for players preferring long and short-ranged combat.

Deadshot is a perk that the Veteran Sharpshooter class can use in Darktide. The perk can be useful for 25% increased critical damage and 60% reduced sway.

Here, we will discuss the Deadshot perk and its built-in Darktide.

What Is A Veteran In Darktide?

Darktide has plenty of classes from which the player can choose according to their preference.

The Veteran is a class who is of the Sharpshooter group and has expertise in combat.

In addition, the base stats of the Veteran are 150 in health and an impressive 200 in toughness.

Furthermore, these sharpshooters specialize in ranged combat, which means they can target enemies at a distance.

Veteran Sharpshooter Darktide
Veteran Sharpshooter is a class that players can choose for their gameplay.

However, the Veterans can also perform melee combats or short-ranged combats in the game.

Veterans are the most dangerous shooters when they take time to shoot their shots.

Additionally, they have the class ability of Volley Fire and also specialize in headshots.

Also, the Veteran receives a new feature at every five levels, which can make them more powerful.

Here are all the feats that a Veteran can gain at every five levels.

  • Level 5: Confirmed Kill, Exhilarating Takedown, and At Arm’s Length.
  • Level 10: Sniper, Tactical Reload, and Demolition Stockpile.
  • Level 15: Bio-Optic Targeting, Demolition Team, and Covering Fire.
  • Level 20: Unwavering Focus, Duck and Dive, and Camo Expert.
  • Level 25: Frag Storm, Deadshot, and One After Another.
  • Level 30: Sustained Fire, Counterfire, and The Bigger They Are.

So, many beneficial features of the Veteran make it a popular class choice for players.

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The Deadshot Perk In Darktide

Deadshot is a perk that is useful for the Veteran or the Sharpshooter class in Darktide.

This perk increases the Critical Chance by 25% and 60% reduced Sway for the players.

However, the players lose 8% of their Stamina every second and 4% Stamina for each shot.

Also, whenever you are at 0% Stamina, you will not benefit from the perk.

In addition, players on Reddit are expressing a certain bug they are facing with the Deadshot perk.

Deadshot Bug Darktide
A Reddit user explaining a possible bug with the Deadshot perk.

However, most players are using the perk to their benefit in the gameplay.

Deadshot Build For Maximum Output

Using the right weapon and strategy with any perk can maximize its output.

So, here is a breakdown of all the build strategies for the Deadshot perk for players.

1. Veteran Feats

As we mentioned before, Veterans feat can upgrade every five levels in the game.

Here are some of the best feats that can be useful to you:

  1. Confirmed Kill: It is one of the best feats for Veterans, which can replenish your toughness by 25%.
  2. Demolition Stockpile: The best feat of the second row, which can let you free-attack enemies with your power sword.
  3. Bio-Optic Targeting: This feat is the best talent during any team-focused game.
  4. Unwavering Focus: This fourth row really starts to build up your character, with Unwavering Focus increasing the toughness of 75% toughness from ranged attacks.
  5. Frag Storm: Frag Storm is a feat that can be helpful while using the bleed grenade.
  6. Counterfire: Counterfire can make you basically unkillable with infinite alt.

Using these feats every five levels can really improve your combat and performance if you are a Veteran.

2. Best Weapons To Use With Deadshot

Using the best weapons for the Deadshot perk can be useful to increase its efficiency.

Here are some of the best weapons and weapon combos to use with Deadshot.

1. MG12

The best weapon combo for the Deadshot perk is the power sword and MG12.

In addition, this weapon combo can help you deal with increased damage and infinite ammunition.

However, the weapon’s weakness is Crushers at range that can be helpful with grenades.

MG12 Deadshot Darktide
MG12 is the best weapon useful with the Deadshot perk.

2. Hellbore

The Hellbore gun, specifically the MK2 variant, resembles the MG12.

Hellbore and its MK2 variant can be useful with the perk.

In addition, the gun’s base damage and charge damage can help you deal with anything.

3. Recon Lasgun

The Recon Lasgun gun, specifically the MK6 variant, is another weapon useful for the perk.

Additionally, the gun’s DPS (Damage per second) is insanely good compared to other weapons.

Recon Lasgun
Recon Lasgun and its MK6 variant are useful with the perk.

4. MHR Build

The Monster Hunter Reload build is the best weapon to deal with the biggest elites of the game.

In addition, this build can remove any threat before even becoming a threat.

5. Bolter

The Bolter is a better weapon for it being an all-rounder weapon for both melee and ranged attacks.

In addition, the weapon can be useful to take off every enemy across a wide range of the area.

Therefore, MG12 and power sword are the best weapon combo for the Deadshot perk of Darktide.

The Bottom Line

A Veteran is one of the classes of Darktide who is the best shooter with many abilities.

Deadshot is one of the perks that Veterans can use to increase their critical damage percentage.

Also, the best weapon to use with the Deadshot perk is the combo of power sword and MG12 gun.

So, if you are playing Darktide as a Veteran, use the Deadshot perk with these weapons to improve your performance.

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