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Darktide Elite Vs. Specialist: The Battle

In the treacherous realm of Darktide, players must choose between the path of Elite and Specialist.

This decision can change the destiny of their virtual world in every possible way.

In Darktide, the Elite vs. Specialist has been the ultimate battle. The Elite enemies you should face are Rager, Reaper and Bulwark and the Specialist enemies are Poxburster, Pox Hound and Scab Trapper.

This article will explore the defining features of the Darktide Elite and Specialist classes, including their strengths, weaknesses, and unique attributes.

Understanding The Elite In Darktide

The Darktide Elite class embodies raw power and unyielding strength.

However, these characters are often the frontline warriors, capable of withstanding formidable attacks while dealing devastating blows.

Furthermore, Elites are heavily armored and wield formidable weapons, commanding attention on the battlefield.

Moreover, their resilience and crowd-control abilities are ideal for soaking up damage and protecting their allies.

However, the path of the Elite comes with its challenges. The weight of their armor can slow them down, making mobility a concern.

Additionally, the Elite’s reliance on close-quarters combat may leave them vulnerable to ranged attacks.

Choosing the Elite class requires a strategic mindset and the ability to navigate the chaos of battle.

Some of the enemies of the Elite class in Darktide are:

1. Rager

The Rager charges into battle, swinging its axes relentlessly at nearby players.

However, the armored variants are not quickly taken out and require significant armor piercing to do so quickly.

rager elite enemy
The Rager is a ferocious fighter.

Furthermore, chain swords and axes are effective against them, but ranged players should handle them ideally.

Stunning them is ineffective as they quickly recover and break through blocks.

  • Weapon: Double hatchet
  • Range: Short
  • Armour: Weak

2. Reaper

Engaging the Reaper from a distance can be challenging due to its formidable nature.

The Autogun is a massive weapon that fires high-caliber bullets incredibly fast.

reaper elite enemies in darktide elite vs specialist
The Reaper is a formidable foe to engage at range.

The Reaper’s major drawback is its inability to engage in close combat.

Avoid point-blank shots. Reaper can be taken down quickly in close combat, but it’s tiring.

  • Weapon: Autogun
  • Range: Extended
  • Armour: Strong

3. Bulwark

The Bulwark can be challenging alone, but teamwork makes it manageable.

Similarly, the Bulwark will focus on one player at a time, who should turn it to expose their back to the other players.

However, they can quickly destroy the Bulwark by targeting the unarmored space on its back.

To escape a cornered Bulwark, use a Zealot or Skullbasher to charge and stagger it.

  • Weapon: Mace
  • Range: Short
  • Armour: Shield

4. Crusher

Engaging in melee combat with a Crusher is not a recommended strategy.

Blocking against giant maul attacks is often ineffective since the stagger it causes can be devastating.

Melee players should use stun grenades or charges, while ranged players should attack it from a distance.

  • Weapon: Mace
  • Range: Short
  • Armour: Fully Armoured
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Unveiling The Specialist In Darktide

Specialists in Warhammer Darktide are the epitome of precision and finesse.

However, these characters are masters of their chosen weapons and tactics, excelling in specific roles that can turn the tide of battle.

Furthermore, specialists are trained to eliminate threats, such as snipers and assassins, precisely. Yet, with great specialization comes vulnerability.

However, Specialists often lack the durability of their Elite counterparts and must rely on cunning and agility to survive.

Master the Specialist class by understanding playstyle, exploiting weaknesses, and precisely striking.

Some of the enemies of Specialist in Darktide are:

1. Poxburster

The Poxburster is a type of pox walker that has been strapped with toxic explosives that are set to detonate.

It runs towards a player and explodes on contact with them or the floor.

The object bursts open and releases a hazardous substance.

poxburster specialist darktide elite vs specialist
The Poxburster is a poxwalker strapped with toxic explosives primed to explode.

The explosion’s impact area is surprisingly extensive, propelling anyone within range away from it.

  • Weapon: Flammable
  • Range: Short
  • Armour: Weak

Before using a pop, players should ensure they are not standing with their back towards a ledge.

A Poxburster spawns with a ticking sound that increases as it gets closer to the party.

Ranged players should find it fast, while melee players should move to a secure location.

2. Pox Hound

The Pox Hound is an agile attacker that can pounce on targets and pin them down, requiring a teammate to break free.

You must listen for the howl, group up and charge to stun and block to stagger.

When cornered, continue to stagger and then attack while shooting Pox Hounds when possible.

  • Weapon: Pounce
  • Range: Short
  • Armour: Weak

3. Scab Trapper

Scab Trapper picks a target and fires its Net Gun to incapacitate them.

It’s vulnerable in the head, pauses before trying again, and moves fast, making it hard to catch when pursuing.

  • Weapon: Net Gun
  • Range: Short
  • Armour: Armoured without a helmet

4. Mutant

The Mutant charges, slams, and throws players randomly, dangerous in hazardous areas.

These enemies can rush players instantly, thanks to their grab attack.

  • Weapon: Charge
  • Range: Average
  • Armour: Weak

The Battle Within Darktide Elite Vs. Specialist

Choosing between Darktide’s Elite and Specialist class’s difficulty rating is quite difficult. 

However, a balanced squad has Elites and Specialists with unique strengths that work synergistically.

When starting their Darktide journey, players must consider their playstyle, team needs, and enemy challenges.

The battle within requires both mental and strategic adaptability, as well as teamwork, not just physical powers.

All the Elites and specialists are weaponized.

The elites are already on the map, while Specialist spawns are making sound indications.

The Bottom Line

In Darktide, choosing between Elite and Specialist classes goes beyond aesthetics.

However, the Elite class just edges the Specialist due to its higher health, heavy armor and higher damage.

You must choose between the Elite’s strength and the Specialist’s precision to master strategy and discover yourself.

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