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What Is Health Timeout Reduction In Enshrouded?

In Enshrouded, players can collect and craft different armor that boosts their defense and features a time reduction delay.

It contributes to the overall immersive experience, enhances consistency, and offers good gameplay.

However, some armor in Enshrouded, like mercenary, soldier, and warlock boots, feature a special effect, “Health Timeout Reduction.”

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Health Timeout Reduction In Enshrouded

In Enshrouded, the player can craft various armor that provides special effects to improve their performance in combat.

Moreover, this array of armor sets wields unique advantages catering to different gameplay styles.

Moreover, equipping armor will protect the player’s character from fatality.

Enshourded Armor with Health Timeout Reduction effect.
Enshourded Armor with Health Timeout Reduction effect.

It is a barrier against damage inflicted by enemies, whether through physical attacks or magical spells.

Similarly, Health Timeout Reduction is the specific features and effects found in certain types of armor in Enshrouded.

On social media, some players were raising questions about this feature and inquiring about its functionalities and purpose.

However, when players take damage, cast a spell with the staff, or use stamina, there is a delay before it regenerates.

Hence, the health timeout reduction effect of the armor reduces that delay, and ability to diminish the waiting period.

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Armor With Health Timeout Reduction Effect In Enshrouded

A well-equipped character with armor is more likely to survive encounters and progress through the game successfully.

In Enshourded, armor features many special effects and stats that allow players to withstand challenges throughout the game.

Hence, some of the armor features the health timeout reduction effect in Enshrouded;

1. Mercenary Boots

In Enshrouded, the Mercenary Armour Set items provide protection and contribute to various aspects of gameplay.

Moreover, one of the Mercenary armor set items, i.e., Mercenary Boots, features a special heath timeout effect.

It is one specific attribute within this set that captures the attention of players in the game.

Moreover, here is the other list of features this armor contains and the resources that players need to craft this armor.

  • Stats: 20 Physical Resistance and 10 Magical Resistance
  • Special Effect: +3 Health Regeneration and +90 Health Timeout Reduction
  • Crafting Recipe: 6x Linen, 2x Leather, 2x Charcoal and 3x Bronze Bars

2. Soldier Boots

In Enshrouded, players can find a variety of Soldier armor ranging from soldier helmets, gloves, and trousers to boots.

However, what sets soldier boots apart is its captivating feature “Health Timeout Reduction”. 

Soldier armour set item" Soldier helmet"
Soldier armor set item” Soldier helmet” is usually worn by the kingdom’s most feared warriors and generals.

These soldier boots reduce the delay before health regenerates and protect the player’s feet.

Here is the list of other features that this soldier armor item has, along with its crafting recipe.

  • Stats: 26 Physical Resistance, 13 Magical Resistance
  • Special Effect: -120 Health Timeout Reduction, +4 Health Regeneration
  • Crafting Recipe: 2x Padding, 2x Iron Bars and 5x Charcoal

3. Warlock Boots

Various items are under the warlock armor set, including helmets, shirts, pants, gloves, and boots.

Furthermore, its resistance, health timeout reduction, health generation, and crafting recipe are mentioned below.

  • Stats: 13 Physical Resistance, 26 Magical Resistance
  • Special Effect: +3 Health Regeneration, -700 Health Timeout Reduction
  • Crafting Recipe: 4x Fossilized Bone, 2x Padding, 3x Charcoal and  1x Iron Bars
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