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The Impact Of Warhammer Darktide Childhood

Warhammer Darktide Childhood is divided into three different stories.

Each childhood holds its own story, showing the cruelty of the world of Warhammer.

In Warhammer Darktide, players can choose from three different childhoods. Each childhood tells the story of how the operative grew up and can dictate the dialogues players will get when progressing through the story. 

This article discusses the Warhammer Darktide childhood and its impacts.

What Is Warhammer Darktide Childhood? 

Warhammer Darktide Childhood is one of the options that players can choose during character customization.

The players can choose various options while creating their characters to make them as unique as possible.

Furthermore, players can choose their home world, operative type, etc.

One of the options is choosing the type of childhood the player had in the game.

There are a total of eight home worlds that players can choose from, and each homeworld holds its own story.

Additionally, players can choose from a total of three different childhoods and a total of seven different backstories of growing up. 

And lastly, a total of seven different backstories of a defining moment in life. 

Here is a list of every childhood players can choose in Warhammer Darktide: 

1. Progena

According to the game Progena states, “The Orphans of the Imperium are given an upbringing like no other within the Schola Progenium. ”

There, they learn much of discipline, willpower, and hatred of the traitor, preparing them for life in service of the God Emperor.

2. Militia Lackey

According to the game Militia Lackey states, “The pressed youth of a planetary militia rarely achieve any rank, nor garner any glory.”

If they are lucky, they might learn some survival skills while serving as trench runners or ammo monkeys. 

3. Defender

According to the game Defender states, “To be born in a fortress world is to be indoctrinated into a militarised life at the earliest age.”

Upon such planets the training and equipping of soldiers is paramount.

The childhood stories seem quite grim for some, while for some, they portray them as elites of society. 

In Warhammer, the majority of the players will serve the God Emperor.

However, there are fugitives and factions that will go up against the God Emperor. 

Thus, when you choose your character and their story align it with your values and beliefs. 

warhammer darktide childhood
Players can choose from three different childhoods in Warhammer Darktide
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Effects Of Warhammer Darktide Childhood

There are no major effects of the childhood that you choose in Warhammer Darktide

The only difference you will notice is that every childhood gets a unique dialogue that portrays their lives in a manner. 

Thus, don’t worry if you think choosing the wrong childhood or the one you resonate with may cause detrimental effects; only the dialogues change, nothing else. 

Furthermore, the main customization you must take care of is choosing the class you want to play. 

This is mainly because the majority of the backstories do not affect the players but only affect the dialogues. 

However, if you choose a class that you do not resonate with or do not like as much you will not have a great time playing the game. 

Thus, choose the backstory that resonates with you, but most of all choose the class or operative that you find interesting. 

The Bottom Line

Childhoods in the Warhammer Darktide are not as effective to the story as choosing a class is. 

Furthermore, there are a lot of other customizations that do not affect the player as much as they think it would. 

Thus, as in other RPGs, it is better to choose a fun operative and think about the character’s backstories. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about the Warhammer Darktide Childhood. 

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