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How To Find Green Dome Book In AC Mirage?

The lost book is one of the treasure items in the Green Dome location in AC Mirage.

Many players are finding a way to extract the book but are continuously unsuccessful.

To find the Lost Book of the Green Dome, players should initially reach the Serphent’s Nest Mission and find a way to enter the Palace on the Dome.

Continue reading to learn about the Green Dome book and the path to reach there in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

What Is Green Dome Book?

In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, books are often handy for solving mystery puzzles, solving future quests and helping players grant skill points.

If players are willing to find the Round City lost book in Baghdad, they can locate it in the Green Dome.

However, players can only access the book at the end-game of the AC Mirage.

Players can find the lost book, Al-sikkit: Diwan Abu Nu’as, inside the Palace of the Dome.

There are other various lost books players can search across the city, which can also be sold for a few credits.

Al Tabari: Tafsir of Al-Tabar Al-kwarizmi: Al Jabr and Kalila Wa-Dimma are a few books players can find while exploring. 

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Locating the AC Mirage Green Dome Book

If players are willing to extract the lost book to progress by following the given procedures;

1. Reach The Serphent’s Nest Mission

The initial method to start the lost book quest is by reaching the Serphent’s Nest Mission.

If players try to enter the place in the early game, all the doors will be closed.

In the mission, players should go to Baghdad and visit the Green Dome location.

Then, players should scan the location and find a way to reach the Palace of the Green Dome.

2. Head To Green Dome Palace

Players can find the broken wall to enter the palace territory and beat all the guards inside.

Otherwise, players can finish the campaign to unlock the front door quickly.

If players don’t have the key, they can go outside and move the Balcony to access the door.

Green Dome Palace.
Enter the front door of the Green Dome Palace.

3. Find Red Carpet Stairs 

After entering the door, players should go rightwards and follow the path until they are a guard.

They will see a wall beside the guards and stairs covered in red carpet.

Follow the stairs and reach the first floor of the Palace.

Green Dome AC Mirage
Follow the red stairs.

4. Find The Lost Book

On the first floor, head right, pass through a few bookshelves and search for an open door.

In addition, players should look for another hidden door inside the room and go straight until they see another one.

Players will see a shiny lost book beside the big bookshelf in the big hall.

Green Dome book ac mirage
The lost book of Green Dome Palace in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

The Bottom Line

There are multiple ways to extract the book of the Green Dome; however, the essential step is to reach the Serphent’s mission.

Players can either complete the campaign and enter the Palace quickly or find a secret passage, beat the guards and loot the book.

To complete the mission quickly, players should have the Assassin rank, which is one of the six hidden ranks.

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