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MW3 Ranked Play Crashing: Overcome Mode Not Working Issue

One of the most common issues players face is MW3 crashing unexpectedly rather than while launching or playing. 

The addition of Ranked mode is new in the game, and players trying out the mode might be causing server traffic.

The main causes for the MW3 Ranked Play Crashing are outdated Graphic drivers, conflict with the PC’s background applications, and relatively new updates. To fix this, make sure your graphics card is up to date and matches the requirements of the game, and try closing all the applications that may conflict with the game.

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What Is MW3 Ranked Play Crash?

MW3 Ranked play crash refers to the game’s shutdown out of nowhere without any reason by default.

This issue was a main issue in Modern Warfare 2 where the problem was the unmatch of the graphics.

cod mw3 keeps on crashing
MW3 Crashing is a common issue faced by many players while playing or launching the game.

MW3 is a high-resolution and high graphics game as it requires a high-performance console for smooth gameplay.

Therefore, the crash in the game is usual as high requirements always create some conflicts with the inbuilt files.

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Why Is MW3 Ranked Play Crashing?

MW3 Ranked Play crashing is seen as a common issue of the game for all players as they try to play the game.

This is also caused due to new update of Ranked in MW3 and high server trafic load in the game’s server.

Some possible causes for the MW3 Ranked play crashing are as follows:

  1. Server Overload
  2. Mismatched versions of the game and your PC
  3. Outdated Graphics Drivers
  4. System Requirements not fulfilled
  5. Background Applications conflicting game files
  6. Server Issues

Fixes For MW3 Ranked Play Crashing And Not Working Issue

The crashing issue is a global issue in the MW3 as many players are facing this problem in the game.

The fixes for the issue might not be the same for all the players as their specifications and consoles differ.

Hence, there is a mention of a common fix that many players claim to be working. 

  • Disable all types of overclocking including XMP in your bios
  • Get msi burner and do -50hz to your GPU
  • If still not working then try to enable XMP back
Disabling XMP in GPU settings
Disable XMP by going to the GPU settings and your settings screen might differ according to your Graphic card.

This might fix your problem of Ranked Stuttering in the game and if not try following the steps below.

1. Graphics Driver Update

Visit the website of your graphics card manufacturer and update to the latest drivers compatible with MW3.

You can visit the Graphic Driver settings in the control panel and search for the graphic driver in the search bar.

Checking the Graphic's Version
Go to the Control panel and then Device Manager, where you will see a similar screen to the Graphics Version.

2. Check System Requirements

Confirm that your PC meets the minimum system requirements for MW3 as mentioned in the game.

If not, consider upgrading your hardware as per the requirement and make sure to meet the Graphics settings.

System Requirements for MW3
Make sure your system meets the Game’s Requirements.

3. Close Background Applications

Close unnecessary programs running in the background to free up system resources for MW3.

Many reports show that the MW3 game files commonly conflict with the PC’s inner applications.

Disabling Background Apps
Go to settings and search for Backgroud Apps where you can close the apps which might conflict with the MW3.

4. Run As Administrator

Right-click on the MW3 executable and select “Run as Administrator” before launching the game.

So, this grants the game the necessary permissions and can resolve certain issues from your PC side.

Run As Administrator
Follow this step to Run as administrator for launching the MW3 on your PC.

5. Connect To The Developers

Visit official forums or community boards to check if other players are experiencing similar issues.

Hence, Activision Support often addresses common problems through patches and refers to solutions for the problems.

The Bottom Line

By following these fixes, you can somewhat fix the Crashing and Stuttering issue in your gaming experience.

Moreover, try these fixes, and if it doesn’t work, only then leave a message to the administrator mentioning your issue.

They will precisely evaluate your issue and provide you with a proper and accurate solution for the Crashing issue in MW3.

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