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MW3 Season 1 Week 7 Challenges Bugged And Not Working

In MW3, Season 1 reloaded, players are having headaches due to the week 7 challenges not working properly.

Players are wondering if there is a bug in the week 7 challenges due to being unable to complete them.

MW3 week 7 challenges are not working due to a bug not allowing players to keep track of their kills using the operator AOK 4.0x RQ-9 Recon and collect the Universal Camo in the final challenge.

Continue reading to find out more about MW3 week 7 challenges not working.

Unlock Coherence Universal Camo In Week 7

The season 1 reloaded in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) brings weekly challenges to spice up things in the game.

These weekly challenges come with valuable rewards, so players try to complete them each week.

Recently, players have been trying to complete the week 7 challenges of the MW3 season 1 reloaded.

By completing the weekly challenges, players can earn 2500, 3000, 5000 XPs which helps in the progression towards their rank.

There are a total of eight challenges in week 7 of the Season 1 reload in MW3.

Coherence universal camo
You can unlock the Coherance universa camo after completing al the eight challenges of week 7 in MW3.

Furthermore, you can earn valuable rewards as you complete each challenge of week 7.

If you can complete all eight challenges of week 7 then you can unlock the Conherence Universal Camo.

To complete the weekly challenges, you must get kills and achievements using various weapons in different game modes.

There are three game modes multiplayer, zombies, and battle royale in week 7 with several challenges.

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What Are The Challenges In Week 7 Of MW3?

You can unlock Taq Evolvere after completing all eight challenges in the multiplayer mode of week 7.

The first challenge is getting blood 3 times with a recommended weapon.

Next, you must get 20 operator kills with the Jak Signal Burst by equiping it with the Holquer 556.

Similarly, you must also get 30 operator kills with the Jack Bull’s Eye by equiping it with a recommended weapon.

The fourth challenge is to get 3 operator Fury kills with a recommended weapon.

Likewise, you must also get 20 operator kills with the Jack beholder rifle kit by equiping it with the TYR.

Next, you must get 20 operator kills with the Jak Headhunter Carbine kit to complete the seventh challenge.

Finally, you must get 30 operator kills with AOK 4.0x RQ-9 Recon Equipped with a recommended weapon to complete the eighth challenge.

Mw3 Week 7 Challenges Not Working: Is It Bugged?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 Reloaded has interesting content, but some players are encountering bugs in Week 7 challenges.

Furthermore, The specific challenge causing headaches is Getting 30 Operator Kills with AOK 4.0x RQ-9 Recon.

Getting 30 operator kills with RQ-9 is the eighth challenge of week seven which is also the last one.

However, players are frustrated as they are experiencing glitches and bugs while attempting to complete the last challenge.

AOK gun week 7 challenges mw3
The last challange to get 30 op kills with AOK Recon is not tracking kills in MW3.

When players use the AOK 4.0x RQ-9 Recon to kill enemies, the kills are not counting and tracking.

This means the bug is not letting the kills with the operator to register so no matter how many kills you make the challenge will not be complete.

Hence, this issue has left many scratching their heads, wondering why their progress is not counting towards the challenge.

How To Fix Mw3 Week 7 Challenges Not Working Issue?

If you are also one of the players whose kill is not counting then worry not there is a simple solution to it

Instead of using the AOK 4.0x RQ-9 Recon optic, you should equip the KR Intlas LSJ-3 Optic on a Recommended Weapon.

Hence, this straightforward solution will solve the issue and you can make 30 kills in Multiplayer with the KP Optic.

Additionally, you can unlock the optic that works for this challenge, KR Intlas LSJ-3 by completing challenges from Week 4.

KR LSj 3 in week 7 challenges
Use KR Intlas LSJ-3 instead of AOK recon to fix the MW3 Week 7 challenges not working issue

The problem with the last challenge of week 7 seems to be a mistake by the MW3 game developers.

It looks like they may have written the wrong name, AOK, instead of the correct one, JAK, for the optic you’re supposed to use.

Thus, this theory makes sense because other challenges in Week 7 also involve parts called JAK.

You must also update your Modern Warfare 3 as an outdated version can lead to issues with the functionality of the weekly challenges.

Next, you must also run MW3 as an administration to avoid permissions issues by going to the compatibility tab of the MW3 properties.

The Bottom Line

The week 7 challenge not working issue persists as the developers have yet to acknowledge this specific issue.

Hence, many people are resorting to using the KR Intlas LSJ-3 Optic to complete the last challenge successfully.

So, until there is any official solution to the issue, you can use KR optic to complete the last challenge of week 7.

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