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The Path Of The Unworthy: Enigmatic Journey In Dead Island 2

You will have access to the Path of the Unworthy quest once you beat the DLC’s campaign in Dead Island 2.

Upon completing this quest, you will obtain the last unique weapon called Dead Island.

In Dead Island 2, the Path of the Unworthy is a quest where you must solve five clues to get a mace named Dead Island. These clues include an invitation for failure, an evaluation of inadequacy, and the other three games.

Continue reading to learn more about how to solve the Path of the Unworthy and obtain a mace in the Dead Island 2.

The Path Of The Unworthy In Dead Island 2

The Path of the Unworthy is a Lost and Found quest that rewards players with a unique mace called the Dead Islands.

You must follow clues to solve the mystery and obtain the weapon.

After you complete the primary story mission, The Search for Truth, you can begin the quest.

Likewise, you will find the first clue on top of a desk in the Serling Hotel.

You must follow a series of cryptic clues that will lead you to a suburban neighbourhood, a creepy club, and a dense forest.

The final clue will then lead you to a confrontation with two enemies, Marco, The Final Test and Erza, The Last Failure.

Hence, you will obtain a key to unlock a chest containing the Dead Island mace after defeating them.

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How To Solve The Path Of The Unworthy In Dead Island 2?

By following these steps and deciphering each of the clues, you will successfully solve the Path of the Unworthy:

1. Clue 1: Invitation For A Failure

The first clue is a Polaroid photo at the Serling Hotel, on top of the giant marble desk near the spawn point.

The photo depicts a circle of flowers indicating a specific location.

Go to the suburban neighbourhood recreation area and locate the first house on the left.

Then, circle the house to the right; you will find the indicated flowers there.

After that, you will notice a zombie named Taliah the Unworthy appear, defeating this enemy to obtain the next clue.

 the first clue
Invitation for failure is the first clue you will obtain.

2. Clue 2: Evaluation Of Inadequacy

The second clue lacks a photo but includes a phrase highlighted in red.

The location is within the same recreation area but to the second house on the right-hand side.

You have to proceed to the attic space of this house to find a corpse holding the next clue.

find the second clue within the same area
You will find the second clue within the same area as the first one.

Clue 3: Game One- Follow, Puke, Flush

This clue is more cryptic, involving the phrases Follow, Puke, Flush and mentioning club music.

However, heading to the underground weird club area below the suburban recreation would be best.

Search for the toilets within this area, focusing on ones that branch into two mini areas.

You will notice a gap in the wall on one of these toilets, allowing you to pass through to the other side.

Then, you will encounter a hostile creature called Slobber, defeat the enemy and inspect the stalls to find the next clue.

 cryptic clue
The third clue is more cryptic than the first two.

4. Clue 4: Game Two- Listen, Crawl, Burn

The fourth clue doesn’t specify a precise location but instructs you to head to the forest at the opposite end of the estate.

However, this clue guides you to one of the pyres.

It would be best to explore the southern end of the map, where you will find the final clue near a body close to the pyre.

guides you to the pyres in the path of the unworthy in dead island 2
The fourth clue guides you to the pyres in the Path of the Unworthy.

5. Clue 5: Game Three- Kill, Steal, Absolution

The final clue doesn’t require you to travel to a new location.

An adversary called Macro The Final test will emerge after you read it.

You need to defeat him, and then another enemy named Ezra, The Last Failure, will appear.

Erza will drop a key that you will need to unlock the chest containing the Dead Island mace.

earn 2,000 XP along with the key
Upon completing the final clue, you will also earn 2,000 XP along with the key.

6. Get The Dead Island Weapon

Return to the house where you found the second clue.

Then, you will locate a chest just to the corpse’s right.

Use the key that you obtained from Ezra.

Finally, you will discover the Dead Islands weapon, a unique mace featuring a globe of the earth.

The Bottom Line 

The Path of the Unworthy leads players on a scavenger hunt to find a weapon called the Dead Island.

Moreover, the quest will also grant you 2,000 XP after completing the final clue.

Contrarily, the quest is fun and challenging and worth the rewards you will obtain from it.

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