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How To Open Locked Door In Dead Island 2 Haus?

In Dead Island 2, dealing with the zombies is not the only thing a player can do.

Players also have to solve some tricky puzzles, and unlocking the Locked Doors is one of them.

To unlock the Locked Door In Dead Island 2 Haus DLC, players need to find the three brains and destroy them. The first one is at the top left, the second one just past the door and for the last one, follow the gory stuff, and eventually, you will find the final brain in a hollowed-out tree.

This article will discuss the Locked Door in Dead Islan 2 Haus and how to Open it.

What Is The Lock Doors In Dead Island 2 Huse?

Dead Island 2 Haus is a DLC where you must fight many zombies and solve puzzles.

Players will encounter some Locked doors during the main quest for Haus.

However, they are not a secret or a complicated puzzle.

dead island 2 haus locked door
The player encounters the Locked Door that leads to the Diner.

In addition, once the players encounter the Locked door, they need to unlock it independently without help from the game.

Contrarily, the main Locked door the player must open is the door leading to the Diner.

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How To Open Locked Door In Dead Island 2 Haus?

To open the Locked Door to reach the Diner In Dead Island 2 Haus, you must find and destroy the brains using a crossbow.

You will get the weapon as part of the invitation, so you don’t have to worry about it.

The Locked door takes place shortly after undergoing the Rites of Passage.

So, to open the door, the player must find the brains scattered in the forest.

Here is the step-by-step guide to finding three brains you must destroy to open the Locked Door.

1. Destroying The First Brain

For the first brain, players need to go in front of the gate.

Then search at the top left of the doors to the Diner.

You will see the brain hanging close to the wall.

Now, destroy it and move to the second brain toward the Dinner’s door.

First Brain
You will find the brain at the top left side from the Locked door.

2. Searching The Brain Inside The Door

While walking toward the locked door, you will notice the brian onto the tree.

You can shoot it with your crossbow through the door’s gap.

Second Brain
Player targeting the brain inside the Locked Door.

3. Finding The Last Brain

For the last one, you must look at the ground; you will notice some disgusting stuff.

However, this process is a must to open the locked door.

Now, as you are near the locked door, you will find a thick line of blood vessels.

If you can’t find it, you can navigate to the body against the wall; you can see the thick line sticking out of the body.

Dead Body on wall
Players can find the thick artery coming through the dead body on the wall.

It might gross you out, but it is the solution.

Now, follow the line, and eventually, you will find the final brain in a hollowed-out tree.

Destroy it, and the you can open the Locked door that leads to the Diner.

dead island 2 haus locked door
Players can find the Final brain at the Hollowed Out Tree.

Other Locked Door In Dead Island 2 Haus

Many players report that they cannot open the Locked door in cal de sac.

The Locked door will be on the second floor in some houses.

Even though you cannot enter the house, you will hear some noise from the room.

However, this might be a glitch or bug because, for some players, it is open.

The Bottom Line

In Dead Island 2 Haus, players might encounter several Locked doors while completing the main storyline.

Some might require you to solve the puzzle. However, you will easily find the solution, and most doors can be opened using the keys.

For the Locked Door In Dead Island 2 Haus, players must solve the puzzle, such as destroying the Dark Brains in the forest.

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