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Dead Island 2 Haus Brains Puzzle: How To Find Three Brains?

In Dead Island 2, players are excited to know about the mysteries of the brains that Haus presents in the game’s first DLC.

Haus offers the quest called The Invitation, where players must walk into the thrilling adventure to find the dark brains.

In Dead Island 2, Haus has a new quest which requires players to enter the Long Piglet’s Diner to find Yong-Ho’s head. But the Diner is locked, so you must find the three dark brains and eliminate them individually to unlock it and solve the Puzzle.

Continue reading to find out more about the mysteries of the three dark brains in Dead Island 2.

The Invitation Quest In Haus Dead Island 2

In Dead Island 2, players must take on a main quest called The Invitation.

During their journey, they will come across a place called Haus.

In Dead Island 2, Haus is where players must complete missions and solve puzzles.

Therefore, you must solve a complex puzzle in Haus to progress further in the story.

1. Finding The Yong-Ho’s Head

Furthermore, The Invitation quest is about finding the location of Yong-Ho’s head.

When you move ahead to solve this quest, you will eventually end up in a mysterious Diner.

Now you must search this Diner of Long Piglet to find the Yong-Ho’s head in Dead Island 2.

2. Unlocking The Diner

However, when you try to enter the Diner, you will find it locked, and there is no guide in the game to open it.

When you look at the Diner’s door, you will see they have some weird stuff on them.

The Diner
In Dead Island 2, players must take on a main quest called The Invitation to find the Yong-Ho’s head.

These weird stuff are just like the brains that block your way to the Diner.

Therefore, your job is to find and eliminate the three brains that stop you from entering the Diner.

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How To Find The Three Dark Brains In Haus Dead Island 2?

When you find and eliminate all three brains, you will uncover essential clues and mysteries in the game.

Furthermore, you will also obtain a powerful weapon called the Hog Roaster from inside the Diner.

If you want to eliminate all three brains in the Diner, you must locate all of them.

1. Eliminating The First Brain

To find the first brain, you must search it at the top left of the Diner’s doors.

Now, after you find the first brain, eliminate it and walk past the Diner’s Door to look for the second.

2. Finding A Tree With The Second Brain

As you walk out the door, you will see a tree with the second brain hanging on it.

Now, you must eliminate the second brain by shooting your crossbow at it.

3. Discovering The Last Brain

The process of finding the last brain in Dead Island 2 is a bit gross.

However, you must find it to progress further in the game.

So, to find the location of the third brain in the Diner, you must go to the Diner’s door again.

You will find a thick line of blood vessels on the ground near the Diner’s door.

However, if you do not see the line, you must walk near the body next to the Door.

Final Brain
Follow the blood vessels to the final brain hidden in a hollowed-out tree.

You will see a thick line of blood vessels coming from the dead body.

Although many of you will find this part a little disgusting, this is the key to the puzzle.

Moreover, the thick line of blood vessels will lead you to the final brain hidden in a hollowed-out tree.

Hence, you must destroy all three brains to unlock the way to Long Piglet’s Diner and progress in your adventure.

Battle With The Long Piglet In Dead Island 2

After you eliminate all three dark brains using your crossbow, the game will trigger a cutscene at you.

Furthermore, you will meet a crazy cultist called Long Piglet in this scene.

In Dead Island 2, Long Piglet is a special type of enemy who is also known as a Crusher.

Besides, Long Piglet has extraordinary battling skills as he makes the ground shake by jumping.

You must defeat him to progress further in the story, but it is definitely not an easy task.

The key to gaining victory over the Long Piglet is sharpening your quick response and timing skills.

During your battle, the Long Piglet will continuously throw shockwaves at you.

Additionally, there are two ways you can avoid getting knocked down by his shockwaves.

One method is to jump as soon as you see him preparing to attack shockwaves at you.

Another method is to find the cars in the parking lot and get on top of them to avoid the shockwaves.

The Bottom Line

Haus does not stop surprising in Dead Island 2 by providing thrilling gaming experiences with many obstacles, adventures, and puzzles.

In the first DLC, Dead Island 2 Haus introduces players to a puzzle that must be solved by destroying the three dark brains.

Thus, these are some very easy steps that will help you unveil the mystery behind the puzzle and move forward with the game.

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