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Money Glitches In Starfield: The Guide To Infinite Money

Starfield is an epic open-world sci-fi RPG developed by Bethesda Game Studios.

As with any RPG, Money plays an important role in the game, allowing players to purchase new equipment, ships, upgrades, and more.

However, earning credits can sometimes be a grind. Thankfully, there are ways to earn infinite credits using Money Glitches.

The Money Glitch in Starfield works by using various console commands like the (~) key and player.additem 000000f.

This guide will explain Money Glitches and provide a step-by-step process for using console commands to obtain unlimited Money in Starfield.

What Is The Money Glitch In Starfield?

A Money Glitch is an exploit or bug in a video game that allows the player to generate an unlimited amount of in-game currency.

Money Glitches are not intended features but rather unintentional programming errors that can be abused to earn infinite Money.

In many games, Money Glitches involve duplicating valuable items that you can sell for profit.

However, in Starfield you can achieve Money Glitches through the use of console commands.

starfield money glitch
In Starfield you can achieve Money Glitches through the use of console commands.

The console, also known as the developer console, is an interface that allows developers to test and modify aspects of the game during development.

In many Bethesda games like Starfield, the console is left accessible to players on the PC version through a key combination.

This allows players to enter cheat codes known as console commands to spawn items, change stats, activate god mode, and more.

You can use some of these commands together to generate infinite credits, thus creating a Money Glitch.

How Does Money Glitch Work In Starfield?

The main Money Glitch in Starfield revolves around using the console command to add credits directly to the player’s inventory.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to perform Money Glitch in Starfield;

  1. Open the console by pressing the tilde (~) key. This key is located above the TAB key on standard US keyboards.
  2. In the console window that appears, type “player.additem 000000f” without quotation marks.
  3. After the command, add the number of credits you want to add. For example, to add 1,000 credits, you would type: player.additem 000000f 1000.
  4. Press enter and you will now have the specified amount of credits added to your inventory.
  5. To add credits again, simply re-enter the command with a new amount each time. There is no limit.

By repeating this process, you can generate infinite credits as many times as needed.

The credits will instantly be added without any cooldown.

This allows players to bypass the normal earning process and obtain unlimited funds to purchase anything in the game.

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Other Console Commands For Money In Starfield

In addition to the primary Money Glitch command, you can use a few other console commands to generate credits in games like Starfield. Here are some of them;

  1. player.setav credits # – Sets your credit amount directly to the # specified.
  2. player.addperk 000EAF1D # – Adds levels to your Commerce skill for earning bonuses from sales.
  3. help “credits” 4 – Lists all ID codes for items that can be spawned and sold for profit.
  4. help “perk” – Shows perk codes like 000EAF1D that improve skills.
  5. tcl – Enables no-clip mode for reaching areas with hidden stashes of valuables.
  6. tgm – God mode prevents death while exploring dangerous locations.

While these additional commands may not provide infinite Money on their own, they can boost earnings when used alongside the primary Glitch.

Players can maximize profits by ranking skills, looting dangerous areas, and spawning rare items to sell.

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Potential Downsides Of Using Cheat Codes In Starfield

There are a few important things to note about using Money Glitches in Starfield:

  • Achievements may be disabled. Like other Bethesda games, console commands deactivate all achievements.
disable achievement
The console commands deactivate all achievements.
  • It can remove challenges from the game. With infinite Money, there is no need to earn or explore normally.
  • Bugs and crashes are possible. Console commands are not fully tested and could cause instability.
  • Saves may be affected. Large amounts of credits added at once can sometimes corrupt save files.
  • It is not usable in co-op. Only single-player worlds have access to the console.

So for those aiming to 100% complete the game or play cooperatively, we do not recommend Money Glitches.

But for solo players who want to experience all Starfield has to offer without limitations, these Glitches provide a way to do that.

Just be sure to save often when using console commands.

The Bottom Line

By inputting simple codes into the developer console, players can generate infinite credits to spend however they please in Starfield.

This bypasses the normal earning process and provides an easy path to acquiring the best gear.

Just be aware that the game may disable your achievements and corrupt your saves.

Money Glitches are unnecessary to enjoy Starfield, but they remove one of the potential grinds.

A Money Glitch is a viable option for those seeking to experience everything the game offers without limitations.

Just take the proper precautions and frequently save when manipulating the game through console commands.

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