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Introvert Trait In Starfield: Pros And Cons

Introvert in Starfield is a trait that heavily focuses on the lone wolf playstyle and lessens oxygen usage for the players.

In Starfield, Introvert is a trait that players must select during the character customization panel. Furthermore, the trait heavily focuses on playing and enjoying the game alone rather than at a party.

Not only that, the trait provides benefits for playing alone.

Continue reading the article to discover more about the Introvert trait and its pros and cons.

What Is Introvert In Starfield?

Introvert is a trait that players can choose before starting the game. Players must choose traits during character customization.

Furthermore, Introvert is one of many traits that players can choose from.

Thus, players have a wide array of traits to choose from.

According to the game, the trait reads as:

You really need your alone time. Exerting yourself uses less oxygen when adventuring alone but more when adventuring with other human companions. ( Players cannot combine this trait with Extrovert.)

This trait promotes a lone wolf type of playstyle, thus, if players prefer going about the game alone, they will gravitate towards this trait more.

Furthermore, players still don’t know how to remove the trait currently.

However, players can expect a way to change these traits in later updates.

Players can also notice that the trait is completely opposite to the Extrovert trait, which promotes teamplay.

Introvert trait panel in Starfield
Introvert Trait panel in the Starfield is for lone wolf players.

Moreover, it provides benefits that help when you are in a party with other players or NPCs.

Furthermore, players can combine the Introvert trait with other traits.

However, as mentioned before, players cannot combine Introvert and Extrovert traits.

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Pros And Cons Of Introvert In Starfield

The Introvert trait does have a few pros and cons in Starfield.

Players choosing this trait must recognize these pros and cons before choosing the trait.

Pros Of Introvert Trait

Players use less oxygen when adventuring alone.

This means that players who play the game with the Introvert trait can maximize their oxygen usage when venturing out into the world of Starfield.

Furthermore, if players couple this trait with the Neocity Urbanwear, they will have a great oxygen recovery rate as well as a low consumption rate of oxygen.

Thus, you will be enjoying the best of both worlds.

Cons Of Introvert Trait

Players use more oxygen when adventuring in a party.

This means if players play the game with a party member with this trait, they will use their oxygen much faster.

Furthermore, in certain cases, you cannot complete a mission alone.

In such missions, you will have an NPC as a companion. Thus, you will deplete your oxygen stores much faster in such cases.

Thus, when you choose the Introvert trait, you must keep these pros and cons in mind.

Is Introvert Worth It In Starfield?

The worth of an Introvert trait varies from player to player.

However, if you are a lone wolf and do not mind the discomfort of having NPC companions occasionally, then, Introvert is a great trait for you.

But, if you are a player who values socializing and exploring the world of Starfield with your friends, then this trait is not worth it.

It would be better to choose the Extrovert trait instead.

Furthermore, if you couple an Introvert with traits like Alien DNA and Wanted, then you may be able to leverage great results from the trait.

Alien DNA reads as:

Players start with increased health and oxygen. But, Healing and food items are less effective.

This means that players have a higher health and oxygen percentage than most of the players.

Thus, players mixing this trait with Introvert will not need to worry too much about running out of oxygen.

Wanted trait reads as:

You gain a damage buff when your health is low. Furthermore, Mercenaries will randomly show up and attempt to kill you.

While this trait is a bit dangerous, the players who prefer the lone wolf playstyle can combine these traits.

They can get the damage buff and lessened oxygen usage during a fight.

Furthermore, it is better if players do not couple this trait with traits like empath because the empath trait draws its power from interacting with their companions.

Moreover, the Introvert trait will not function as it should if you couple the trait with another trait that heavily focuses on companions and party play.

The Bottom Line

Introvert trait heavily leans towards the lone wolf playstyle.

This playstyle can be a double-edged sword since, in certain scenarios you need companions.

However, players who prefer this playstyle already know its risks and still choose it.

Thus, if you are one of those players who prefer the lone wolf playstyle, Introvert is your go-to trait in Starfield.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about the Introvert trait in Starfield.

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