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Explore How To Defeat A Warlord With A Recommended Weapon Quest

A new quest on COD MW3 Zombies asks players to kill a warlord with a recommended weapon.

However, although the killing part of the mission is very straightforward, tracking the warlord is quite a hassle.

In COD MW3 Zombies, players must acquire the Legacy Fortress keycard from the Mercenary Stronghold to locate the warlord and kill him with a recommended weapon. However, Mercenary Stronghold can only be obtained after wiping out a mercenary camp or buying it from the buy station.

Continue reading this article to complete how to kill a warlord with a recommended weapon quest in COD MW3 Zombies.

Call of Duty MW3 Zombies has a variety of boss-like enemies and the Warlord is one of them.

However, the Warlord is very hard to locate because a Legacy Stronghold keycard is a must to unlock him.

Moreover, players must clear out the stronghold to unlock the Warlord at the end.

Appearance-wise, the Warlord appears in tanky battle armor with bazookas attached to his body.

Additionally, the Warlord deals massive damage to players as he can deal area impact damages.

Hence, the best way to defeat him is by choosing a high-damage weapon in the game.

Intro to warlord quest in COD
A window quest to kill a warlord in the game.

However, players will sometimes find a quest where the game asks them to kill the Warlord with only a specific weapon.

Therefore, they should pick that specific weapon and deal the final hit to the Warlard to complete this quest.

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How To Locate The Warlord To Progress With The Kill Quest?

Locating the Warlord is not an easy task, as there are many steps that players must follow beforehand.

Therefore, players must learn about these prerequisites to track him down on the map.

Locating The Fortress To Track down the Warlord
Opening the Fortress door to kill the warlord with a recommended weapon.

Here are some of the steps that players should follow to complete this quest:

  1. Firstly, players must get the Mercenary Stronghold Keycard to enter the Legacy Fortress.
  2. Currently, players can either loot it from the Mercenary camp or get it from the buy station for 2000Z.
  3. Secondly, they have to locate the Mercenary Stronghold on the top left-hand side of the map and unlock the door.
  4. Then, the whole building must be wiped out to peacefully drill the loot safe.
  5. The loot safe contains the Legacy Fortress keycard, which can give access to the Warlord.
  6. Afterward, players should locate the fortress and defeat the Warlord.
  7. However, they must deal the finishing blow with the recommended weapon to complete the quest.

Rewards For Completing The Warlord Kill Quest

Call Of Duty MW3 Zombies offers many rewards to players after completing this specific quest.

Firstly, players will receive massive XP and essence gains after defeating the warlord in the game.

Then, a random item will drop once the Warlord is felled by the players as an additional reward.

In fact, players can even get rare drops like the ray gun as a drop as a reward.

Reward Gift Roll COD MW3
Reward Gift-One of the many rewards for killing a warlord in the game.

Moreover, players can partake in a reward gift roll in a purple portal after defeating the Warlord for more rewards.

Finally, the quest bar will progress in the lobby, helping players to unlock the progress rewards.

The Bottom Line 

The Warlord Kill Quest is one of the toughest in the game, as players must wipe out various camps beforehand to track this enemy.

Therefore, an online guide on the topic is a must for players to complete this quest quickly.

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