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Degtyarev RPDN In Tarkov: Dominate The Battlefield

Patch 0.14 in Escape From Tarkov introduces new weapons like KBP 9A-91, VSK-94, Degtyarev RPDN, and RPD machine guns.

Moreover, players will face a new boss named Kollontay in the streets of the Tarkov map.

The Degtyarev RPDN in Tarkov is a 7.62×39 machine gun known for its effectiveness and reliability in battles with a high rate of fire. Despite its strengths, users should be mindful of its noticeable recoil, potential ergonomic challenges, and dependencies on attachments for optimal performance.

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Degtyarev RPDN In Tarkov

The Degtyarev RPDN is a 7.62×39 machine gun featured in the popular game Escape From Tarkov.

However, it was developed in the late 1940s by Vasily Degtyarev, a renowned Soviet firearms designer.

ubiquitous Soviet cartridge
The RPDN is an LMG chambered for the ubiquitous 7.62x39mm Soviet cartridge.

It’s an upgraded variant of the original Degtyarev RPD, with additional features that make it stand out.

The RPDN is a belt-fed weapon, meaning it draws its ammunition from a continuous instead of magazines.

Some of the attachment options for players to customize are:

  • Buben
  • RPD Wood
  • RPD 520m
  • RPD RS
  • Scope
  • RPD PG
  • RPD

These attachments can enhance various aspects of the weapon, including recoil control and optics for better aiming.

Hence, this firearm is known for its effectiveness in battles, particularly for players who value a high rate of fire and reliability.

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Degtyarev RPDN Stats In Tarkov

Some of the stats of RPDN through which it has gained the attention of many players are mentioned below:

1. Durability- 100/100 (100)

This represents the overall durability or health of the weapon.

The Degtyarev RPDN starts with maximum durability, ensuring its longevity during engagements.

2. Ergonomics- 28

Ergonomics measures how user-friendly the weapon is.

The RPDN might be a bit cumbersome compared to more ergonomic options, with an ergonomics rating of 28.

3. Accuracy- 1.31 MDA

Accuracy, represented by 1.31 MDA (Mean Deviation Angle), indicates the weapon’s precision.

A lower MDA generally means better accuracy, making the RPDN relatively accurate.

4. Sighting Range- 1000

The sighting range 1000 implies the effective distance the weapon can accurately engage targets.

Likewise, in this case, the RPDN is capable of engaging enemies up to 1000 meters away.

a customization option
The RPDN offers customization options through various attachments.

5. Vertical Recoil- 78

Vertical recoil measures how much the weapon kicks upward after firing.

The Degtyarev RPDN also has moderate vertical recoil, with a value of 78.

6. Horizontal Recoil- 366

Horizontal recoil signifies the side-to-side movement of the weapon after each shot.

Moreover, the Degtyarev RPDN, with a value of 366, has a noticeable horizontal recoil.

7. Muzzle Velocity- 809 m/s

Muzzle velocity is the speed at which bullets leave the barrel.

Its bullets travel at a reasonably high speed at 809 meters per second, which also contributes to effective long-range engagements.

8. Types Of Fire- Full Auto, Fire Rate 700 RPM

The Degtyarev RPDN supports full-auto firing mode with a rapid rate of fire of 700 rounds per minute.

This high fire rate can also be advantageous in intense combat situations.

9. Caliber- 7.62×39, Effective Distance 800 meters

The weapon uses 7.62×39 caliber ammunition, a common and powerful round.

Hence, its effective distance of 800 meters indicates the range at which it can deliver accurate shots.

Demerits Of Degtyarev RPDN In Tarkov

Understanding these demerits can help players make informed decisions about incorporating the RPDN into their load-outs.

So, some potential drawbacks or demerits of using the Degtyarev RPDN are:

1. Recoil Management

The Degtyarev RPDN exhibits noticeable vertical and horizontal recoil.

This makes it challenging for users to maintain accuracy, especially during sustained fire.

So, players need to invest time in mastering their recoil patterns.

2. Ergonomics And Handling

With an ergonomics rating of 28, the RPDN may feel less ergonomic than other weapons.

This could impact the overall handling and maneuverability, leading to slower response times in dynamic combat situations.

3. Weight And Mobility

Machine guns tend to be heavier, affecting the player’s overall mobility.

Likewise, the weight of the Degtyarev RPDN might impact a player’s ability to move quickly.

This might also impact evading enemy fire, especially in situations where agility is crucial.

The Bottom Line

Therefore, the RPDN is a light machine gun (LMG) chambered for the ubiquitous 7.62x39mm Soviet cartridge.

Moreover, it offers a robust machine gun with notable accuracy, a high fire rate, and customization options through various attachments.

Despite the RPDN’s merits, players should be aware of their recoil characteristics, handling limitations, and dependencies on attachments.

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