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First In Line: A Quest In Escape From Tarkov

In Escape OF Tarkov, players have to complete several quests and First In Line is one of them.

Similarly, during this quest, players have to locate the Emercom station at Ground Zero and hand over specific medical items.

In Escape Of Tarkov’s first In Line quest, the Therapist assigns tasks to the players to locate the evacuation station for the civilians. Similarly, players have to locate the Emercom Station at ground zero and secure three Found in Raid Medical items to complete the quest successfully.

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First In Line Quest: An Overview 

While embarking on the perilous world of Escape From Tarkov, players often find themselves entangled in a series of quests.

Similarly, First In Line is one of the quests in Escape from Tarko that players can complete to obtain enticing rewards.

Likewise, while traveling around the realm, players cross paths with one of the Therapists of the game.

First in Line quest
An overview of the First In Line quest in Escape From Tarkov.

Upon meeting the Therapist, he introduces players to the new quest called ” First In Line Quest”.

In this quest, players must assist the therapist by locating the Emercom station as he wants civilians to escape from the area.

Since the therapist lacks familiarity with this part of the city, he assigns the player the task of locating the Emercom Station.

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Objectives Of First In Line Quest

As the therapist wants to locate the evacuation station for the civilians, the primary objective of this quest is to locate the Emercom Station.

Similarly,  to begin their journey, players have to head to the Scav checkpoint, which serves as the initial point.

Upon reaching the Scav, players should move towards the south to discover the Emercom Station at Ground Zero.

However, players have to be cautious while navigating into this hazardous territory as it presents chaos all around.

In addition to locating the Emercom station, players have to also search for medical supplies as part of the quest.

Players can collect any medical items like supplies, drugs, or any stimulants they find while traveling to the Emercom Station.

Collecting the medical items heightens the First In Line quest difficulty level as they have to prioritize finding it.

First In Line Quest Completion

Players must adapt to the strategic technique while navigating through the world of Escape From Tarkov.

Firstly, players should head toward the Emercom Checkpoint extract located in front of Elemental Global in the southwest.

Upon reaching the Emercom station, players should interact with the green medical tent located within its realm.

Emercom Checkpoint’s tent serves as the specific area to complete the quest successfully.

First in line Quest's Tent
Players should approach the Tent to complete the initial part of the First In Line Quest.

As you approach the tent, be cautious and aware of the potential threats and complete the task requirements.

Locating the Emercom station completes the initial step of the task; however, there are other steps to complete the quest.

The task requires handing over the three medical items to the therapist that you found during your raid.

Players can look for items like bandages, AAc A CAr, Smart Egen, and Painkillers around the Scav and give them to a therapist.

The Bottom Line

First In Line quest is one of the quests in Escape from Tarkov that demands both navigation and resource management skills.

Similarly, players must be aware of the surroundings and make efficient route planning to minimize exposure to potential dangers.

From the Scav Checkpoint to the Emercom Station, each step plays a crucial role in the overall completion of the quest.

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