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Degtyarev RPD Weapon In The Tarkov 0.14 Patch

Players are excited about the release of the new weapon Degtyarev RPD in the new patch 0.14 of Tarkov.

The 0.14 patch has changes and new mechanics like the Hall of Fame, hitboxes, a weapon rack, etc.

The Degtyarev RPD is a 7.62×39 machine gun introduced as a new weapon in patch 0.14 of Tarkov. Furthermore, this RPD has a high rate of fire and a fast recoil system to help you dominate the battles with precision.

Continue reading to find out more about the Degtyarev RPD in the Escape From Tarkov.

The New Patch 0.14 In Escape From Tarkov

The Escape From Tarkov is creating quite a buzz with the release of its new patch 0.14 from Battlestate Games.

In the new patch 0.14, players get updates on new weapons, equipment, loot, and bosses.

Besides, the new update also brings the Ground Zero starter map and new movement abilities for players.

In the 0.14 patch, you will encounter the new boss Kollontay in the streets of the Tarkov map.

Tarkov 0.14 patch
The Tarkov 0.14 patch brings a lot of new weapons, mechanics, locations, hitboxes, etc.

You can also get new weapons like KBP 9A-91, VSK-94, Degtyarev RPD, and RPDN machine guns in the new update.

Moreover, the SIG MCX SPEAR .277 FURY weapon platform and shoreline map rework are some other additions to the game.

Among all the new updates in Tarkov, Degtyarev RPD, and RPDN machine guns have caught the attention of many players.

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The New Weapon Degtyarev RPD In Tarkov 

Weapons are a crucial element to survive in the thrilling world of Tarkov.

Hence, the Degtyarev RPD is a formidable weapon that is added to the arsenal.

Tarkov 0.14 new weapons
Degtyarev RPD, a new weapon in the Tarkov 0.14 update.

Furthermore, Degtyarev RPD is a machine gun that can dominate during the combat scenarios within Escape From Tarkov.

This RPD is gaining the attention of many players in Tarkov due to its extraordinary stats which are given below:

1. High Fire Rate

The factor that sets the Degtyarev RPD apart from other weapons is its ability to give a high rate of fire.

Degtyarev RPD has robust firepower and reliability that helps players dominate in both PVP and PVE encounters.

2. Suppress Enemy Movements

When you use this RPD and shoot at your enemies, it will suppress their movements effectively.

Hence, its suppressive capabilities can create opportunities for your teammates to reposition or flank opponents.

3. Detachable Barrel With High RPM

Desgtyarev RPD has a detachable barrel for quick adjustments making it a valuable asset in coordinating team movements.

Furthermore, the accuracy and recoil of the RPD are comparatively better than any meta gun as it has impressive rounds per minute.

Similarly, you can use the RPD to hip-fire while moving and get brilliant precision during battles in Tarkov.

So if you are a player who gives a lot of movements during battle, this RPD can be best for you.

4. Use Muzzle Device To Enhance Performance

To make the most of the Degtyarev RPD in Escape From Tarkov, you should consider optimizing the loadout.

You must select appropriate attachments such as muzzle devices to enhance the RPD’s recoil and overall performance.

In addition, the best part of this update is the addition of an achievement system in the game.

You can go to the Achievement tab and view all your earned achievements so far.

The good aspect of the achievement tab is that your achievements will not be lost with wipes.

The Bottom Line

Escape From Tarkov’s 0.14 update promises a fresh and dynamic experience for players this season.

Furthermore, you can enhance your in-game experience with new locations, bosses, weapons, and mechanics.

So get ready to dominate the battleground in Trakov using the formidable Degtyarev RPD in the game.

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