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Tarkov Instant Noodles: Restore Your Energy

Tarkov challenges you to survive in a harsh and unforgiving environment, scavenge resources, and manage your vital stats.

One of the resources that can help you survive is food, and one of the most popular food items in the game is Instant noodles.

You can use instant noodles to restore your vital stats, trade them for other goods, or craft them into more complex dishes. They are also widely available in different locations, merchants, and hideouts. 

Continue reading more about the Instant noodles, how to get them, and how to use them in the game.

Instant Noodles In Tarkov

Instant noodles are everyday food items in various locations, such as crates, cabinets, or dead bodies.

The player can consume them to replenish their energy and hydration levels, vital for survival.

Energy affects the player’s stamina, movement speed, and recoil control, while hydration affects the player’s health, regeneration, and vision.

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How To Get Instant Noodles?

You can loot the instant noodles, buy from NPC merchants, and craft in the hideout.

Here’s a brief description of how to get instant noodles on Tarkov.

1. Finding As Loot

Instant noodles are a common food item found in many places throughout the game map.

They are usually located in containers, such as cabinets, drawers, crates, or on shelves, tables, or beds.

Some of the locations where you can find instant noodles are Dorms, Grocery stores, and Hidden stashes.

loot noodles
You can loot instant noodles in Tarkov.

2. Buy From NPC Merchants

Instant noodles can also be purchased from non-player characters (NPCs) that act as merchants in the game.

These merchants offer different goods and services, such as buying, selling, trading, repairing items, or giving quests.

Some of the merchants that sell instant noodles are Therapist and Jaeger.

3. Craft In Your Hideout

You need a nutrition unit in your hideout to craft instant noodles.

Hideout is a facility that allows you to cook food and make drinks.

You also need one pack of oat flakes and one pack of sugar.

Therefore, place the oat flakes and the sugar in the nutrition unit and start the production process. 

It takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete, yielding two packs of instant noodles.

Instant noodles restore 80 energy and 20 hydration when consumed.

craft noodles
Craft instant noodles in your hideout.

How To Use Instant Noodles In Tarkov?

To use instant noodles in Tarkov, you must have them in your inventory or stash.

Then, right-click on them and select “Use” from the context menu. 

This will consume the instant noodles and restore some of your energy and hydration levels. 

You can also drag and drop the instant noodles to a quick access slot in your inventory.

Further, press the corresponding hotkey to use them during a raid.

However, be careful when using food items in combat, as they make noise and attract enemies.

The Bottom Line

Instant noodles have you covered whether you need a quick bite, a trade item, or a crafting material.

They are one of the most common and valuable food items in Escape from Tarkov, and you can get them in various ways.

Contrarily, Tarkov Instant noodles are not just a cheap and easy meal but a valuable asset.

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