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Derelict Starstation Safe Key: Unlocking Rewards

The Derelict Starstation Safe Key is a crucial tool for intrepid explorers in the Starfield universe.

This item unlocks hidden treasures and secrets within abandoned star stations, reminiscent of finding a mysterious key in an ancient mansion.

The Derelict Star Station Safe Key is valuable in Starfield, allowing access to the four stolen safes. After taking the two stairs, players can find the Key on the left room’s table. Using the Key is simple: approach safes and extract the items. 

Continue reading to explore how to find and use this Key to unravel the mysteries of derelict stations in Starfield.

What Is A Derelict Starstation Safe Key?

The Derelict Star Station Safe Key is a hypothetical item you might find in Starfield.

It’s key that players can find and use to unlock safes or doors within abandoned or derelict star stations.

This Key is essential for accessing valuable items by opening previously locked areas within these Abandoned space stations.

It’s like finding a unique key in an old mansion that opens a locked room but is set in space’s vastness.

How To Find Derelict Starstation Safe Key In Starfield?

To find the Derelict Star Station Safe Key in Starfield, follow these steps:

1. Explore Thoroughly

Explore every nook and cranny of the derelict star station.

Moreover, check the corridors and hidden areas.

The Key could be in plain sight or tucked away in a less prominent location.

2. Inspect Hidden Spots

Search carefully in areas that might be easily missed.

Look inside lockers, cabinets, or behind objects in the station.

Developers often hide keys in unexpected places, so a keen eye is essential.

3. Search For Control Room

If you’re struggling to find the Key, consider searching for the control room in the Starstation.

Further, players should follow the two stairs and enter the first room on the left.

Obtain the stolen safe Key beside the grunt issue from the table.

safe key found
Keep the stolen safe kei in the inventory.

How To Use The Derelict Starstation Safe Key?

To use the Derelict Starstation safe Key effectively, follow these steps:

1. Retrieve The Key

Ensure you’ve obtained the Stolen Safe Key within the game.

This Key is typically acquired as part of a quest or mission, and having it in your inventory is essential.

2. Locate The Safes

Once you have the Key, find the safes you intend to unlock.

These safes are often located in specific areas or rooms within the game and may be marked as objectives or points of interest.

3. Approach The Safes

Stand near the safes you want to open.

Make sure you are close enough to interact with them.

The safes should be clearly visible and accessible.

4. Use The Key

Select the Safe Key to access your inventory or items menu, then use it on the safes.

This action should trigger the unlocking process, and the safes will open, revealing their contents.

5. Collect The Loot

Once the safes are open, you can retrieve their items and rewards.

These rewards often include valuable in-game items, such as credits, weapons, ammunition, or other resources.

derelict starstation safe key
Collecting the rewards from the stolen safe.
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The Bottom Line

The Derelict Star Station Safe Key is valuable for players to unlock safes or doors within abandoned star stations.

Moreover, the exact location of the Derelict Star Station Safe Key is the left room after following the two stairs.

Enjoy the rewards you find inside the safes to enhance your gameplay experience in the Starfield game.

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