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A Guide To Extract The Hard Drive At Ground Zero

Retrieving the hard drive is a sub-quest of the Saving the Mole quest which takes place at Ground Zero.

Hence, players must complete all the preceding tasks in this quest to unlock the Scientist’s Hard Drive task.

In the Escape from Tarkov Saving the Mole quest, players must retrieve the Scientist’s Hard drive after unlocking the Scientist’s office room. Therefore, they must possess the Science key beforehand after locating the Scientist’s dead body.

Continue reading this article to learn how to get the Hard Drive at Ground Zero in Escape from Tarkov.

What Is Hard Drive At Ground Zero?

Hard Drive at Ground Zero is a unique item in Escape from Tarkov that players must get in a mission.

Specifically, this objective is introduced during the Saving the Mole as a sub-quest.

The task itself is self-explanatory as players are required to find a specific Hard Drive that belongs to a Scientist.

In General, this task takes place in the Terra Group building which is related to the USEC PMC group.

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Prerequisites Before Finding The Hard Drive

Specifically, here are all the objectives that players must complete to unlock the access Hard Drive quest:

1. Locate the USEC PMC Group At The Parking Lot 

The first step before finding the hard drive is to locate the USEC PMC group at the parking lot.

There are two entrances in the building that players can take: The Main Entrance and the left entrance.

However, players must enter the Terra Group building by taking the left entrance to locate the parking lot.

locating USEC PMC group at the parking lot at ground zero
locating the USEC PMC group at the parking lot at ground zero beside the van.

Then, they must look for a Terra Group van with a dead body lying beside it.

Finally, they must go past the van and through the Terra Group gate to locate the USEC PMC group.

2. Locate The Scientist And Access The Key At Ground Zero

The second step before locating the Hard Drive is to find a dead scientist inside the Terra Group building.

Hence, players must walk through the Terra Group door and head towards the main lobby of the building.

Then, they must find a statue of a big red cat and take the door next to it.

Locating the scientist at ground zero
Locating the scientist to retrieve the office key at ground zero.

This door leads players to a dead-end where they will find a dead body buried under the rubble.

However, this body belongs to a scientist that players must loot to get the Science key.

3. Unlock The Office And Get The Hard Drive

At last, players are ready to retrieve the Hard drive from the Scientist’s office.

To locate the office, players must take the stairs in the main lobby and go to the first floor.

Then, they must track room number 4 and use the Science key to unlock its door.

Taking the hard drive
Taking the Hard Drive to complete the Save the Mole mission at Ground Zero.

Finally, they should start searching for the Hard Drive that spawns in one of the desks.

However, players must note that only one key and Hard Drive spawn per match.

Therefore, in cases where they can’t find these items, they must replay the match.

The Bottom Line

Finding the Scientist’s Hard Drive is the final task of the Saving the Mole mission.

Therefore, players must complete the previous steps of the mission to reach the final step.

So it is suggested for players to take an online aid to help them easily complete this quest.

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