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Derelict Atlas: An Interesting Mission In Starfield

Derelict Atlas is a thrilling side mission in the Starfield video game.

In this mission, players must search for a Derelict ship to find the artifact Atlas, lost somewhere in the game.

Derelict Atlas is a location in the Sol system in Starfield. Moreover, the Derelict Atlas contains the Atlas artifact where players can find various loots.

This article discusses the Derelict Atlas in Starfield and how to find it.

Introduction To Derelict Atlas In Starfield

You can explore the vastness of space and learn about its mysteries in the sci-fi role-playing game Starfield.

One of the hidden items is the Derelict Atlas, a side mission that entails discovering and investigating a shipwreck named the Atlas.

The Atlas was a piece of a top-secret undertaking to develop a warp drive.

Warp drive is a device that could enable faster-than-light travel.

derelict atlas
Warp drive is a device that helps to travel in space faster than the speed of light.

However, after something went wrong, the ship was abandoned, leaving a shadowy past and abundant hidden treasure.

The Atlas may send a distress signal in the Sol System, or you may come across it randomly in other star systems to begin the mission.

The quest is optional and does not affect the game’s main storyline.

However, it can offer you a thrilling adventure and a valuable reward.

The Derelict Atlas is one of the many quests that make Starfield a rich and immersive game.

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How To Find Derelict Atlas In StarField?

To find the Derelict Atlas in Starfield, you have two choices:

Choice: 1

Observe the Atlas’s distress signal in the Sol system.

You have two choices: first is to visit the space station in orbit around Earth to look for the signal.

The second is to scan the system with your ship’s sensors.

A massive, damaged ship will be visible floating in space near Saturn when you follow the signal there, which is the Atlas.

After docking your ship there, you can enter the Atlas to begin the quest.

Choice: 2

Randomly come onto the Atlas in different star systems.

Despite having a warp drive that enables it to travel across star systems, the Atlas is unpredictable and unstable.

Moreover, you might occasionally notice the Atlas in a star system you are researching or get radio transmissions from it.

Therefore, you can just approach the Atlas and dock your spacecraft there to begin the task.

In either choice, after entering the Atlas, you must search its interior for hints of its past and its riches.

Additionally, you’ll have to cope with risks like radiation, aggressive robots, and traps.

The quest will be complete once you locate the warp drive and decide on it.

Therefore, you have three options: take it for yourself, get rid of it, or ignore it. Every decision will result in varied results and rewards.

Curse Associated With The Atlas

There aren’t any curses related to the Atlas, as proven by the game.

However, many rumors and theories about the Atlas circulate amidst the Starfield community. 

An ancient alien society that developed the warp drive and did not want anyone else to use it cursed the Atlas.

They smuggled in a gadget that makes the ship fail and move erratically across the galaxy, as well as an alarm that draws gullible explorers to their demise.

The Atlas was cursed by its crew, who had become insane due to the warp drive’s effects.

They engaged in a brutal revolt in which they murdered one another, leaving a trail of bodies and hints at their insane behavior.

Also, the warp drive impacts the player’s psyche, causing them to perceive unreal sounds and sights.

However, all of these are just theories that explain the Atlas curse.

However, the creators of Starfield, Bethesda, have not confirmed nor rejected any of these claims.

The Bottom Line

The Derelict Atlas is a side quest in Starfield that will take you on a journey to a mysterious ship with a hidden warp drive.

You will have to face dangers, puzzles, and secrets as you explore the ship and decide its fate.

The Derelict Atlas quest will challenge your curiosity, courage, and sanity.

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