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Bullet Spray Not Dropping In Destiny 2: Missing Ingredient Alert

Some players are having trouble because Bullet Spray is not dropping in Destiny 2 as often as they should.

It is an ingredient that you need for baking in Destiny 2’s Dawning event.

Guardians in Destiny 2 are facing challenges with Bullet Spray not dropping, so to improve your chances, focus on Machine Guns, equip a Power Ammo Finder mod, and engage in activities with high enemy density.

Continue reading to learn more about the Bullet Spray, its causes, and its fixes in Destiny 2.

Bullet Spray Not Dropping In Destiny 2

Bullet Spray is one of the many ingredients you need to bake delicious treats during the Dawning event in Destiny 2.

Bakers use it to create festive cookies and cakes for our fellow Guardians.

The official description says you get Bullet Spray by defeating enemies with Auto Rifles, Submachine Guns, and Machine Guns.

However, some Guardians have reported that even with all these tips, Bullet Spray can be a stubborn ingredient.

It can be frustrating to spend hours blasting enemies without seeing a single drop.

discussing about the Bullet Spray
Players discussing the Bullet Spray not dropping on the Reddit platform.
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Why Is Bullet Spray Not Dropping In Destiny 2?

Many fellow bakers have reported this ingredient playing hide-and-seek, frustrating their attempts to bake delicious treats.

Destiny 2 uses a system called RNG, which stands for Random Number Generator.

Sometimes, items like Bullet Spray are supposed to drop randomly, but it doesn’t always happen consistently for everyone.

Likewise, using Machine Guns with elemental effects might interfere with the appearance of Bullet Spray.

While Machine Guns are the kings of Bullet Spray, don’t be afraid to experiment with other weapons in different activities.

Be wary of weapons with elemental effects like Solar or Arc explosions.

Therefore, these explosions can sometimes override the drop chance for Bullet Spray, leading to a confusing mix of ingredients.

Power Ammo, including Bullet Spray, drops are somewhat random.

Some activities have more enemies, and that might affect your chances of getting Bullet Spray.

Hence, share your experiences, seek advice from fellow bakers, and learn from their discoveries.

Fixes For Bullet Spray Not Dropping In Destiny 2

Some potential fixes for the issue of Bullet Spray not dropping in Destiny 2 are:

1. Weapon Choice

The game mentions that Bullet Spray drops from using Auto Rifles, SMGs, and Machine Guns, but the drop rate may vary.

Try focusing on Machine Guns, especially those without big explosive effects.

Thunderlord, Fixed Odds, Commemoration, and similar Weapons are recommended by players.

Weapons with elemental effects might add some flashy flair, they can also mess with the drop rate for Bullet Spray.

Choose a Machine Gun without AoE (area of effect) effects to avoid potential interference with Bullet Spray appearances.

without big explosive effects
Fixed Odds is a Machine Gun without big explosive effects.

2. Ammo Abundance

Players can equip a Power Ammo Finder mod on their Helmet.

This increases the frequency of your ammunition drops, allowing you to spray and pray for Bullet Spray more often.

When running Lost Sectors, strategically use Rally Flags to refill your ammo reserves.

This keeps the Bullet Spray hunt going without having to return to orbit.

3. Optimal Activities

Prioritize activities with lots of enemies where you can easily rack up kills.

Vanguard Strikes and Lost Sectors, especially on planets like Nessus or EDZ, are suggested by players.

The more targets you have to light up, the more chances you have for Bullet Spray to drop.

Public events are another great option, offering waves of enemies in a condensed location.

Take advantage of these opportunities to stock up on the elusive ingredient.

The Bottom Line

The inconsistency in Bullet Spray drops is likely due to a combination of random factors, weapon choices, and specific activities.

So, some players might get lucky, while others might need to keep trying different things.

Keep trying different combinations of weapons, activities, and mods, and you’ll hopefully get more drops for your baking adventures.

Happy baking, Guardians!

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