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Faithless Thicket Bird: The Legacy Of Remnant 2

If you are playing Remnant 2, you might have encountered the Faithless Thicket Bird.

It is a rare and elusive creature that roams in the Far Woods of Yaesha.

However, the Bird will block your access to an item until you defeat a boss, The Mother Mind.

Faithless Thicket is a giant bird that blocks your access to a valuable item in an area called The Far Woods. To get past the Bird, you need to either defeat a boss called The Mother Mind or wait for the Bird to fly away randomly.

In this article, we will explore everything about the Faithless Thicket Bird, why it is not moving, and provide some tips to move this Bird.

What Is Faithless Thicket Bird In Remnant 2?

The Faithless Thicket is an area in Yaesha where you can find secrets and puzzles.

It is a giant bird that blocks your access to an item in The Far Woods of Yaesha, a biome in the game.

However, it is not an enemy but an obstacle you must overcome by progressing in the game.

You can’t move this bird by shooting or interacting with it. Further, you can make it leave by defeating The Mother Mind.

The Bird leaves the item behind, the Blood Tinged Ring.

Furthermore, it increases your invulnerability window while evading and sliding.

Why Is Faithless Thicket Bird Not Moving In Remnant 2?

The Faithless Thicket is the name of the area where the Bird is located.

The Bird is not moving because it rests on its perch and guards the item behind it.

Moreover, it can block access to its nest, where a valuable item called Kuri Kuri Charm is located.

 Yaesha bird that controls its movement
There’s a hidden timer behind the Bird that controls its movement.

Nevertheless, it will not move until you trigger it to fly away.

You need to defeat The Mother Mind boss to make it move.

Either you can explore the area until you hear the Bird’s sound.

How To Move The Faithless Thicket Bird In Remnant 2?

To move the Faithless Thicket bird in Remnant 2 and access its nest, follow these steps:

  1. Explore the area around the bird nest (Withering WealdForbidden Grove, or Far Woods) until you hear the bird squawk.
  2. The exact trigger for the Bird’s movement is unclear, but spending enough time in the region seems to activate it.
  3. You will hear the bird caw as you explore, indicating it has left the nest.
  4. After hearing the birds yell, you can climb up the tree and get the charm. 
Faithless Thicket bird in Remnant 2
Go back to the place once you hear the Bird yell.

Notably, make sure not to use fast travel during this process, as it might interfere with the Bird’s movement.

While exploring the region around the bird nest, players will eventually hear the bird squawk, indicating it has left the nest.

After hearing the birds yell, players can return to the nest to find the entrance and claim the Kuri Kuri Charm amulet as a reward.

Check if the Bird has moved after spending considerable time exploring Yaesha.

If it hasn’t moved, you can try dying, reloading the area, slaying some nearby red birds or exploring again.

However, this is not a guaranteed method for moving Bird.

Once the Bird has moved, you’ll find the Kuri Kuri Charm amulet resting next to some eggs in the nest.

find the Kuri Kuri Charm amulet
You’ll find the Kuri Kuri Charm amulet.

This amulet grants benefits like increased Relic use speed and a chance not to consume a Relic Charge.

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The Bottom Line

The Faithless Thicket bird is a giant bird, one of the biomes in Remnant 2.

If you move this Bird, you can get a charm called Kuri Kuri Charm, which boosts your relic use speed.

 By following these steps, you can move the faithless thicket bird and progress in the game.

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