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How To Find Widows Court Statue In Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 Widows Court Statue is one of the monuments in Losomn.

Further, Players can unlock various precious rewards after eliminating the Bosses in the Widows Court. 

The Remnant 2 Widows Court Statue features Red Doe and Ravager. Players should complete the multiple Quests and extract four precious items before reaching out to the Widows Statue. 

Continue Reading to find the exact location of the Widows Court Statue and the unlocked rewards after completing the Statue Quest. 

What Is Widows Court Statue?

The Remnant 2 Windwos Court Statue is one of the various sculptures of Red Doe and Ravenger in the Widows Court Area.

Moreover, the Widows court is located at the Yaesha, one of the locations that can be accessed through the end-point of Earth called Labyrinth. 

However, the Widows court was previously the superpower of the Pan civilization a very long time ago.

Further, Pan is the in-habitant of the Yaesha location and is potent in-game enemies. 

 In the Widows Court Statue, players cannot find NPC or the Merchants.

NPC  is the character who guides players for future events after having an interaction. 

On the other hand, Merchants are the characters that help trade various items with players.

Finally, Players should find four precious items to reach the Widows Court Statue: Tarnished Key, Ornate Key, Matriarch’s Insignia, and Rotten Thaen Fruit. 

However, players must dismantle Root Flyer, Root Slasher and Employed Slayer to receive those items. 

How To Get to the Widows Court Statue?

For players looking  to reach out to Widows Court Statue and Earn precious items, follow the steps;

  1. Enter the Widows Court location in Yaeha.
The Windows Court
Entering the Widows Court location in Yaesha.
  1. Search for a dead character called Pan and pick up the Ornate Key from his body.
Ornate Key Remnant 2
Picking the Ornate Key from the dead character.
  1. Search for the nearest Waterfall and extract the Tarnished Key.
Tarnished Key
Extracting Tarnished Key from the Waterfall
  1. Use the Tarnished Key to open the Red Door.
How to open Red door in remnant 2?
Using Tarnished Key to open the Red door.
  1. After unlocking the door, run down the platform and search for Matriarch’s Insignia
Matriarch's Insignia
Locating the Matriarch’s Insignia inside the Red Door.
  1. Use the Elevator near the False Wall and search for the Ornate Lockbox to get Thaen Seed.
remnant 2 windows court statue
Search for the Ornate Lockbox after going through False Wall.
  1. After extracting the Thaen Seed, head behind the gate to see the Widows Court Statue.
remnant 2 windows court statue
Red Doe and Ravager Statue in the Widows court.

After using the four precious items, players can now extract the Red Doe and Ravenger Statue in the Widows court. 

Furthermore, if players have a Red Doe Sogil, the event will lead them to a mysterious way to extract Rotten Thaen Fruit and Ghost Mutator. 

The Bottom Line

Red Doe and Ravager is the Remnant 2 Widows Court Statue, which players can find inside the Court Location.

However, before reaching the Statue, Players must complete multiple Quests and extract four precious items, including Thaen Seed and Tarnished Key.

Hopefully, players will locate all four precious items and find the Red Doe and Ravenger Statue faster to complete future events conveniently. 

Continue exploring to find Oracles Refuge and Bow Build in Remnant 2. 
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