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How To Complete Crota’s End Contest Mode In Destiny 2?

The new Crota’s End Contest Mode allows players to raid a few exclusive items in Destiny 2.

Moreover, the mode’s debut date is September 1, 2023, as per Bungie.

Players can complete Crota’s End Contest Mode in Destiny 2 with a decent build to counter the enemies. Using Forbearance, Thunderlord can be an excellent option for obtaining Necrochasm.

Continue reading to discover more about the contest mode and the items players can receive upon finishing it.

What Is Crota’s End Contest Mode?

The Destiny 2  Crota’s End Contest Mode in Destiny 2 is a seasonal mode that appears a few times in the game.

Bungie, the game’s developers, come up with ideas like these more often for an unmatched gaming experience.

Moreover, the new contest mode appears in season 22, Season of the Witch.

The contest is called Crotas’s End Raid, where players can earn rewards for Bungie.

However, earning the rewards is not relatively as easy as players think.

Players must have at least 1790 powers to take on the challenging raid.

Further, Bungie has also turned off a few items, gears and weapons specifically for the contest.

The only weapon not available in Crota’s End is the Tessellation Exotic Fusion Rifle.

Further, the mods disabled are Elemental Munitions and Overload hand cannon mod.

Also, the aspects, including Titan Banner of War and Warlock Weavewalk, are unavailable. 

Lastly, players must play the mode without using Foetracer Exotic Hunter Helmet Protection.

If players use any of the restricted items, there will be negative consequences on the attack output and defensive capabilities.

So, players must choose their build wisely to beat the enemies in the mode.

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Crota’s End Contest Mode Rewards In Destiny 2

Players who complete the Crota’s End within 48 hours of its release will obtain items for absolutely free.

In addition,  players will not receive any benefit upon taking combat below the boss level in the contest.

Destiny 2 has re-released the fan-favorite Necrochasm for those early raiders.

Necrochasm weapon for the completing Crota’s End contest.                        Source: Bungie

Moreover, other items, including Husk of the Pit and Eidolon Ally, await the players.

Players who cannot complete the contest mode in the given time will also receive rewards.

They will get the Essence of the Oversoul upon finishing the raid encounter and finishing the Bottomless Pit Quest.

In addition, it will also assist in completing the weapon catalyst objective.

Further, players must collect 35 Essence of the Oversoul in total.

Thankfully, they can continue the progress for the catalyst task even when the mission ends.

Further, Bungie will also grant players heavy discounts in the Bungie Shop for players finishing the raid.

However, there are deadlines and rewards listed accordingly for the real-life prizes.

If players want to earn Crota’s End of Raid, they have to invest $125 and complete the Raid before September 12.

If players don’t want to spend so much, they can get Crota’s End Raid Pin and Metal Poster.

Thankfully, a deadline of November 28 costs $20 and $89, respectively.

Lastly, players can get a Swordbearer Title Pin for just $23, due on February 24, 2024.

Builds to Complete End Contest Mode In Destiny 2 

Now, let’s play Crota’s End Contest mode to earn exclusive rewards.

Players must have a great build before playing the Criota’s End Contest. 

Follow the given builds to complete the Quest efficiently and avoid the disabled items.

1. Forbearance

The grenade launcher assists players in having a decent build before playing the contest.

It is probably one of the best weapons in the game for clearing the battlefield. 

destiny 2 crota's end contest mode
Get Forbearance for the Crota’s End.

Players can boost the performance of the grenade launcher upon progressing through the games.

The Wave frame releases a high energy upon the ground contact.

Thankfully, it can generate 1810 power, which is 20 more than the required power to take the raid.

Further, the weapon can produce a radius of 100, 74 velocity and 27 stability while tracking the enemy.

Moreover, its reload time is just 2.2 seconds and aim assistance is also pretty good.

If Players are unsatisfied with using Forbearance, they can opt for Witherhoard and Lingering Dread.

2. Thunderlord

The unbeatable machine gun offers players a high range of ammunition capacity in the battle.

It can deploy over 450 rounds per minute and has  1810 power generation. 

The Thunderlord generates reign havoc, stunning lightning strikes from above, and is an excellent weapon against powerful bosses.

Moreover, the machine gun’s aim assistance is unmatchable/

Thankfully, it also offers pretty good handling and stability.

However, the long rage battle could be problematic due to its compact range.

 The machine gun can provide a significant advantage if many enemies attack the players together.

Other options are also available if players do not like the Thunderlord machine gun.

Fixed Odds, Retfrofit Escapade and Commemoration could be beneficial in the Crota’s End Mode.

3. Osteo Striga

Osteo Striga is probably the deadliest gun in the short-range battle.

The sub-machine gun has a 100 range and produces 600 rounds per minute.

It deploys toxic ammunition by tracking the enemies, thanks to its intrinsic trait of screaming swarm.

The gun is works best for any sub-class and combined with any long-range weapons in the game.

 Players also have many other options regarding SMG’s in the game.

Calus Mini-Tool Ikelos and the Funnel-web can be great solar arc and void counterparts.

4. Sunshot 

Another weapon that can be crucial in the contest mode is the Sunshot.

The hand cannon recently received a huge buff and is excellent against the red bars.

It offers explosive damage and can destroy the highlighted targets.

The Sunshot produces 1200 damage and 150 rounds per minute, thanks to its 12 ammo magazines.

It also offers a pretty good range and stability in long-range fights. 

Further, Sunshot’s Reload Direction is 100; however, its reload speed is limited to 72.

5. Tracton Cannon

The traction Cannon is a significant DPS weapon that produces over 1800 power.

The weapon can penetrate powerful enemies and suppress their abilities.

Moreover, it will assist the players by deploying vulnerability to the enemies from all sorts of damage.

Being a shotgun, its range limit is obviously low, but it can fire up to 90 shots per minute.

Other debuff and support weapons that can guide players to victory can be Gjahhahorn as well.

6. Apex Predator

The rocket launchers are probably the best choice for the Crota’s End Contest Mode.

The Apex Predator is quite reliable when attacking a potent enemy in the battle.

The launcher produces up to 20 rounds in a single minute and has the potential for destructive damage.

destiny 2 crota's end contest mode
Use the Apex Predator rocket launcher.

Players can also opt for other rocket launchers, including Cold Comfort, the Hothead and Blowout.

All the launches have a good share of both positives and negatives but are pretty reliable in deploying powerful hits.

The Bottom Line 

The Crota’s End is a re-released contest in Destiny 2 to obtain the Necrochasm.

The contest can be played with the party members to complete the event faster.

Moreover, players should have proficient weapons for long and short-ranged fights.

The weapons can be rifles, rocket launches, snipers or shotguns producing over 1790 damage.

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