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Aiat In Destiny 2: Hidden Meanings And Usage

Aiat is one of the character’s voice lines in Destiny 2.

It debuted on the recent season of the game, Season of the Witch.

Aiat in Destiny 2 is a religious term for praising the lord. Further, it is also used to ensure agreement. Eris Moss, Immaru and Tithe mention Aiat in different missions.

Continue Reading to discover the Character and the technique to obtain the Aiat line in Destiny 2.

Aiat Meaning In Destiny 2

Aiat, Aiat is one of the terms used by Immaru, Tithe and Eris in Destiny 2.

Initially, it appears in the starting phase of the game.

In addition, the meaning of Aiat totally depends on the character and their approaches.

For Immar’s part is shown as agreeing to the player’s conversation in the mission.

On the other hand, Tithe uses Aiat as a religious term.

Moreover, he uses the Aiat word as a blessing and worships the god. 

Furthermore, Eris uses the term to seek blessing and gain superpower from the lord.

 The term appears in many characters and voice lines in various mission parts. 

Aiat Immaru 

Immaru is one of the most powerful characters in the game.

He is the ghost of the hive god known as the Savathun, the Witch Queen.

Immaru has earned the name of the First Ghost and is the leader of the Lucent Hive, Cout of Savalthun.

Moreover, the character uses Aiat in one of the game missions in response to the players.

Here’s how Immaru can use Aiat in the game,

1. Play Savathuns Spire

The Savathun’s Spire is a mysterious location introduced in Season of the Witch.

It is the second mission of the new season and appears after completing the Way of the Witch.

This location consists of chests that have exclusive rewards.

Players must find all the items to solve the Uncovered Truths in the Mission.

2. Start Transverse the Labyrinth

Transverse the labyrinth falls under Savathun’s Spire mission.

Play Traverese the Labyrinth.

Players have to engage in this event with Asamov.

Moreover, players should enter the portal while progressing through.

Over there, there are multiple portals to choose from; make sure to select the last portal.

Savathuns spire
Enter the last portal by following the sign on the board.

3. Head To The Floating Monument

After players enter the portal, they will see a wall art; ensure to take the left route.

Players will see a small floating platform, ensure to hover over them.

Further, players must reach the floating temple and stand there for a while to hear the Aiat term from Immaru

aiat destiny 2
Immaru mentions Aiat after reaching the floating monument.
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Eris Morn Aiat 

Eris Morn is one of the characters and former hunters in Destiny 2. 

She is among the one members of the Hidden organization and a servant of powerful guardians called Vanguard.

Eris Morn
Eris Morn in Destiny 2.

Eris uses religious exultation while gaining the title of Hive God herself to revive Savathun.

Here’s the process of hearing Eris Morn’s Aiat voice line in Destiny 2;

1. Complete Two Missions

To reach the mission where Eris Morn transforms herself into Hive God, Ayers must complete two events.

The missions are Way of the Witch and Savathun’s Spire, the first and second chapters of season 24.

2. Enter The Ritual Cutscene 

In the cutscene, players can see Eris and Ikora conversing about Savathun.

Ikora Destiny 2
Interaction between Eris Morn and Ikora.

Further, in the scene, Eris asks to witness the sublimation of one of the characters.

3. The Hive God

The Eris Morn will further seek a blessing and take oath in the lord’s name.

While continuing, she pays by the name of Aiat to help transform Eris Morn to the Hive God of Vengeance.

aiat destiny 2
Eris mentions Aiat while transforming into a Hive god.

Aiat Tithe

The tithe mentions Aiat multiple times in the Altar of the Summoning Mission.

Tithe Aiat can be seen after Eris is changed to the Hive God of Vengeance.

It appears right at the start of the Tithe Your Victory quest.

aiat destiny 2
Tithe recalling the Hive God with Aith.

Moreover, it is a form of blessing for religious establishments for the Hive God.

The Bottom Line 

Aiat is either a religious terminology or agreeing to something in Destiny 2.

It is used by three characters in the early game with different meanings.

It can be heard after the first chapter when progressing through the games.

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