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Destiny 2 Guardian Games Weapons 2024: Acquire Hullabaloo

In Destiny 2, the Guardian Games 2024 introduces the new weapons Hullabaloo with returning favorites like The Title and The Tourist.

These veteran weapons boast refreshed perk pools, offering players thrilling new combinations to wield on the battlefield.

Furthermore, the Guardian Games All-Star Momento enables weapon customizations in Destiny 2.

Continue reading about Guardian Games 2024 to learn about new and returning weapons.

Insight Into Guardian Games 2024

Guardian Games in Destiny 2 is an annual in-game event that celebrates the competitive spirit among the  3 Guardian classes.

Similarly, these three Guardian classes are:

  • Hunters
  • Warlocks
  • Titans

During this event, Guardians participate in various activities and public events to earn points for their respective classes.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2024
The Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2024 is scheduled to commence on March 5th, 2024.

Likewise, Guardian Games 2024 brings a host of novelties, including the debut of the Hullabaloo.

Alongside this addition, revered favorites like The Title and The Tourist return triumphantly in Destiny 2.

Further, this offers players revamped perks that spark anticipation and speculation among Guardians.

The Guardian Games All-Star Momento empowers Guardians to personalize their weaponry, enriching the event experience.

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Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2024 Weapons

In Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2024 introduces a thrilling weapons, promising an exhilarating experience for Guardians.

Among the highlights is the Hullabaloo, a newly unveiled Arc Compressed Wave Frame Heavy Grenade Launcher.

Likewise, this innovative addition is poised to redefine Guardian arsenals with its distinctive capabilities.

Alongside the Hullabaloo, there are two returning favorites such as The Title and The Tourist.

Further, here is a detailed guide for Guardian Games 2024 Weapons in Destiny 2:

1. Hullabaloo: Heavy Grenade Launcher

The Hullabaloo debuts in Guardian Games 2024 as a formidable addition to the Guardian armory.

Likewise, it promises unparalleled destructive potential as an Arc Compressed Wave Frame Heavy Grenade Launcher.

Hullabaloo Guardian Games 2024 Weapon
Hullabaloo is capable of unleashing powerful single-projectile explosions, wreaking havoc among enemy ranks.

Guardians can deliver devastating explosions and are capable of decimating enemy ranks with a single shot by wielding Hullabaloo.

Furthermore, the Arc element suggests its effectiveness against shielded enemies, making it a versatile choice for combat.

2. The Title: Void Submachine Gun

The Title reasserts its dominance as a close-quarters combatant by returning with a revamped perk pool.

Guardians can expect enhanced lethality in tight engagements with this Void Submachine Gun.

The Title: Guardian Games 2024 Weapon
The Title stands as a testament to the dominance of close-quarters combat.

Players can utilize its potential perks like Repulsor Brace to empower melee attacks after suppressing foes with Void abilities.

Similarly, it amplifies damage output when outnumbered by making The Title a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

3. The Tourist: Versatile Shotgun Returns

The Tourist makes a triumphant return, offering Guardians unmatched adaptability in combat.

The Tourist Guardian Games 2024 Weapon
The Tourist’s versatility allows Guardians to remain agile and effective in diverse situations.

This Shotgun is known for its versatility as it displays the potential for perks like:

  • Slice – augmenting melee damage for increased close-quarters lethality
  • Precision Instrument – improving zoom and handling for enhanced mid-range performance

With The Tourist in hand, Guardians are equipped for success across diverse engagement distances in Destiny 2.

How To Unlock Weapons In Guardian Games 2024?

Players can unlock these weapons in Guardian Games 2024 by actively participating in event activities.

Similarly, players can complete specific challenges, and achieve objectives to earn weapons in Destiny 2.

Further,Here’s a detailed breakdown of how players can unlock these weapons:

1. Participate In Guardian Games Events

Players must immerse themselves in various Guardian Games activities, such as strikes, Crucible matches, and public events.

Further, participating in these events not only earns players event currency but also helps them to unlock these weapons as rewards.

2. Earn Medals

Players earn Medals by completing various in-game activities throughout Guardian Games event in Destiny 2.

Likewise, these Medals contribute to their class’s overall score and determine the outcome of the competition.

Moreover, players should strive to accumulate as many Medals as possible to secure rewards including the Hullabaloo.

3. Complete Event Quests 

Eva Levante and other NPCs associated with Guardian Games offer event-specific quests and bounties in Destiny 2.

Meanwhile, players should pursue these quests and bounties as they provide opportunities to earn specific weapon rewards.

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