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Max Attainable Spectral Pages In Destiny 2

The spectral page is an item introduced during the Festival Of The Lost event in Destiny 2.

Moreover, collecting all spectral pages will result in the reward amount in max.

The amount of spectral pages to be converted also depends upon the number of headless bosses you defeat.

It is hard to directly answer how many Spectral Pages can be accumulated at max since Destiny 2 offers so many different ways to get them in the game.

Continue reading this article to learn about Spectral Pages and its uses.

Best Ways To Cap The Number Of Spectral Pages

There are several ways to accumulate Spectral pages in Destiny 2.

However, it depends on whether you are a solo or team player.

Spectral Pages in Destiny 2.

Also, there is a bonus way of collecting more Spectral Pages through campaigns.

So, here is the description of all the methods to acquire these Spectral pages.

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Farming Spectral Pages For Solo Players

Farming options for solo players are very low if they want to accumulate Spectral Pages.

One of the most efficient ways to farm Spectral Pages for solo players is through Public Events.

Jump into these events as soon as they are available to get the most Spectral Pages.

However, the maximum amount of Spectral pages that will be awarded from Public events is only 2.

Another option for farming these pages for solo players is by completing Nightfall Strike.

But note that this is the most time-consuming method for collecting Spectral Pages.

Nonetheless, you can acquire five spectral pages from this method which is the highest in the game.

Farming Spectral Pages For Co-Op Players

For Co-Op players, farming spectral pages can be quite easy as they can play Heroic Public Event, Crucible, Gambit etc.

Additionally, they can also apply the farming methods that were aforementioned for solo players above.

Manifesting Spectral Pages In Destiny 2
Manifesting Spectral Pages in Destiny 2.

Forming a party to complete these quests together can get you upto 25 spectral pages per hour.

You can also complete the Legendary Haunted Sector to get Spectral Pages and rare candies.

Therefore, playing together is the best way to acquire the maximum amount of Spectral Pages.

Farm Max Spectral Pages Via Campaigns

Several missions in Destiny 2 drop Spectral Pages for players which requires them to defeat campaign bosses.

One of them is Neomuna, one of the first missions in the lightfall campaign.

Continue to play around the map until you encounter  The Tormentor.

Defeat this boss and make your teammate leave. Then, save this checkpoint.

Cabal In Destiny 2
Cabal in the Destiny 2.

Load into this checkpoint and defeat upto three Cabals.

After interacting with three cabal pods, this mission will be marked as complete.

Finally, players will be rewarded with 9 Spectral pages.

Playing in the hardest difficulty will result in more spectral pages.

Keep repeating this process until you reach your Spectral Pages requirement.

Where To Use The Manifested Pages In Destiny 2?

Manifested Pages are converted from the Spectral pages for every Headless One you defeat.

The Headless One bosses can be found in the Haunted Sector.

After you have accumulated enough Manifested pages, head towards the Courtyard Tower.

Go around the tree and look for the Book Of The Forgotten.

Then interact with this book to open a new option window.

You can see many Tales Of The Forgotten as soon as you open the book.

Book Of The Forgotten In Destiny 2
Book Of The Forgotten in Destiny 2.

You can use your Manifested pages here to unlock different lores.

There is a total of thirty different book lores that you can unlock here.

Collecting all these lores will help you to complete four event challenges in the quest menu.

These event challenges are Cryptozoologist, Bookworm 1, Bookworm 2, and Bookworm 3.

Completing these challenges will reward you with resources like Glimmer and Event Tickets.

Finally, you can use these tickets to exchange them for the upgraded event card rewards.

The Bottom Line

Accumulating Spectral Pages is a great way of obtaining the core rewards of the event.

In Destiny 2, you can collect these pages in many ways whether you are a solo player or a Co-Op player.

However, in-game knowledge about the event is required to avoid confusion about the game items.

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