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Destiny 2 Personal Touch Not Dropping: Causes and Fixes

Personal Touch is an ingredient in Destiny 2 which is required to make different cookies.

However, many players have reported that Personal Touch is not dropping in Destiny 2. 

In Destiny 2, Personal Touch is not dropping due to a bugged drop rate in the game, causing frustration among players. Players can solve the issue by focusing on using Glaive weapons and Melee attacks. 

Continue reading to learn more about why Personal Touch is not dropping and how to fix it in Destiny 2.

Personal Touch Not Dropping Issue In Destiny 2

The personal touch is an important ingredient that you need to make cookies for The Dawning Event in Destiny 2.

You need Personal Touch after you reach level 5 of the ‘Share The Dawning Spirit‘ quest.

Further, you can get this ingredient as a drop from the melee kills that is defeating enemies with melee abilities.

However, the Personal Touch is not dropping in Destiny 2 due to a bug or having a very low drop rate.

Personal touch in Destiny 2
Players can get Personal Touch by defeating enemies with melee abilities in Destiny 2.

The ingredient is not dropping as often as it should, causing players not to enjoy the seasonal event.

Further, it is affecting players who want to complete the Dawing quest in the game and earn rewards.

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Why Is Destiny 2 Personal Touch Not Dropping?

The Personal Touch is not dropping mainly due to two main reasons.

Below are listed the significant causes for this issue:

1. Low Drop Rate

Some of the ingredients required in The Dawing event have a very low drop rate including Personal Touch.

It is because the developers want the event to last for a month rather than a week.

So, a low drop rate consequently enables players to complete the event at a slow pace.

2. Bugs

The drop rate for this ingredient seems to be bugged making it rare to obtain from the Melee ability kills.

Further, there have been reports of glitches in the Dawning event, which is affecting the drop rate.

Bungie may solve the bugs that are causing the bugged drop rate as soon as possible.

How To Fix Destiny 2 Personal Touch Not Dropping?

If you’re facing the Personal Touch not dropping issue in Destiny 2, there are some ways to solve this.

Here are some fixes that increase the chance of Personal Touch to drop more.

1. Use Glaive Weapons

Glaive is the new class of Melee weapons that can melee targets and fire energy projectiles.

You can use legendary Glaive weapons like Engima that consistently produce Personal Touch.

Discussion in Reddit about personal touch not dropping in Destiny 2
Players are discussing on Reddit about Personal Touch not dropping.

Further, many players have reported that using Glaive weapons has increased the drop rate.

2. Focus On Unpowered Melee Attack

Personal Touch ingredient is more likely to drop from the melee kills than other kills.

So, equip a weapon with good melee range and start punching enemies.

Further, you can also use abilities that count as Melee attacks such as Titan shoulder charge or hunter arc staff.

3. Dawning Bounties

The Daily Bounties for the Dawning event have a higher chance of rewarding Personal Touch.

Further, the rewards for dawning bounties include random ingredients which can also give Personal Touch.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, players can get Personal Touch to make delicious cookies for various characters in The Dawing Event.

If the Personal Touch ingredient is not dropping, you can focus on using Glaive weapons and Melee attacks. 

Further, if these fixes do not work for you, you have to wait until the developers officially fix the bug.

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