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The World He Knew: Restore Malphas Sanity In Diablo 4

In the Season of the Construct, you will embark on a quest to uncover the secrets of the Loom.

Along the way, you will encounter Malphas seeking to unleash his army of constructs upon the world.

Will you be able to stop him and restore his sanity? Find out in “The World He Knew“.

Continue reading to get compelling lore, challenging combat, and a significant reward from the Seneschal companion.

The World He Knew Diablo 4

The World He Knew is a quest in the Diablo 4 Season 3: Season of the Construct.

It is a pivotal quest that reveals the backstory of the season’s antagonist, Malphas.

Further, his connection to the ancient Horadrim technology known as the Loom.

You need to explore the ruins of Zolcan, a massive underground complex that once housed the secrets of the Loom.

Significantly, it leads to the final confrontation with Malphas.

He intends to use the Loom’s power to create and unleash an army of constructs upon the world.

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How To Complete The World He Knew Quest?

The quest’s objective is to uncover the truth about Malphas’s past and his motivations for stealing the Loom.

This involves venturing into the shattered remains of Zolcan, an ancient city that once housed the Loom’s secrets.

Follow the steps below to learn how to complete this quest:

1. Find And Talk To Rashim

You need to find Rashim’s house on the right side of Ishtala and talk to him and his husband, Maliq.

He will tell you about the Yajna Grass, which is a rare plant.

You can use the plant to perform a ritual to contact the spirit of Jamikayomars, the ancient ruler of Sumeru.

Further, he will ask you to join him in this quest and rejoin your party.

Use the Loom’s power to create and unleash an army of constructs.

2. Travel To The Zolcan Ruins

You need to follow Rashim to the Zolcan Ruins.

The entrance to the complex is hidden under a giant mushroom in the middle of Mawtiyima Forest.

You need to use the Four-Leaf Sigils to reach the top of the mushroom.

Then, use the Kusava gadget to raise a platform that leads to the entrance.

3. Explore The Ruins

You need to explore the ruins and find the Yajna Grass.

It is guarded by a seal that can only be broken by touching three rocks in different locations.

Along the way, you will encounter corrupted constructs.

Significantly, you must avoid pressure plates or sensors activating traps, such as spikes, lasers, and fireballs.

destroy the demon diablo 4
Avoid pressure plates or sensors activating traps

4. Spectral Echoes

As you explore the ruins, you meet the ghosts of Malphas, Ayuzhan, and Rashim.

You’ll learn that three Horadrim are involved in creating and misusing the Loom, a powerful artifact.

Malphas, a former scholar, used the Loom to make constructs and rebel against Jamikayomars.

However, he failed and was exiled to become a driver.

Ayuzhan is the Horadrim founder and Loom designer.

Similarly, Rashim, Malphas’ friend and assistant, reveals the secrets and consequences of Loom.

5. Reach The Heart Of The Machine

After breaking the seal and picking the Yajna Grass, you must reach the Heart of the Machine.

It is the core of the Loom and the source of its power.

There, you will face a construct guardian, the remnant of Malphas’ former self before he became corrupted by the Loom.

Thus, you need to defeat the guardian and restore Malphas’ sanity.

Using the Kusava gadget to manipulate the Loom’s functions and expose the guardian’s weak points.

the world he knew
Defeat the guardian and restore Malphas’ sanity.

6. Return To The Gatehall

 After defeating the guardian and restoring Malphas’ sanity, you must return to the Gatehall in Ishtala and talk to Rashim.

He will thank you for your help and tell you that he will perform the ritual to contact Jamikayomars with the Yajna Grass.

Additionally, he will tell you that Malphas has decided to stay in the Zolcan Ruins and try to undo the damage he has done with the Loom.

Contrarily, you will then complete the quest and receive your rewards.

The Rewards On Completion Of The Quest

As you complete the quest, it unlocks the Seneschal, your seasonal companion.

Generally, this mechanical spider pet assists you in battle with its attacks, crowd control abilities, and even healing.

Progressing through the quest unlocks lore entries and journal pages.

Further, this enriches the narrative of Season 3 and Malphas’ motivations.

Contrarily, “The World He Knew” is crucial in completing the Season Journey, granting you valuable rewards and Season XP.

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