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Test Of Truth And Lies In Destiny 2: Full Guide

Test of truth and lies is among the puzzles in Destiny 2.

It is an extremely difficult quest in the end game of Season of the Witch.

Test of truth and lies is a puzzle in the Imbaru engine quest. To solve this puzzle initially, players should unveil lies and truth and modify the Tribute of seven symbolic representations.

Continue reading to explore the Test of truth and lies and the solution in Destiny2.

What Is Test Of Truth And Lies In Destiny 2?

The Test of truth and lies is the sub-quest of the Imbaru Engine.

In this quest, players must solve the statue puzzle to obtain exclusive rewards.

However, before jumping into the puzzle, players should obtain the Opaque Card from the Altars of summoning.

Further, players should start the Imbaru Engine quest and find the three flame mists’ location.

After the flame completion, players must return to the Imbaru Engine and light the fires to unlock the final puzzle.

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How To Complete Test Of Truth And Lies In Destiny 2?

To solve the Test of truth and lies puzzle in Destiny 2, follow the given procedure;

1. Find The Puzzle Door

The Puzzle door unlocks automatically after rekindling the three flames.

test of truth and lies destiny 2
Head to the test of truth and lies puzzle room.

Players should tap E and wait for the completion animation to get started.

2. Begin The Test

Upon entering the room, players will approach the Diamond ison and hover E to begin the test.

With this, players will unlock the Test of Truth and Lies objective.

In addition, in this sub-quest, players must find the meaning behind the runes.

3. Unveil Lie And Truth

To initiate the puzzle, unveil the two lies and one truth are just on the left side of the statue with the diamond ison.

Moreover, the lie and truth represent the Imbaru and non-Imbaru.

4. Solve The Puzzle

To solve the puzzle, players should modify the tribute of the wall symbols in the puzzle area using;

 Further, players should find the Burger-ish symbol and skip two symbols.

test of truth and lies puzzle
Solve the first riddle.

Furthermore, players should find the second symbol represents an icon of the Sad emoji in the room.

final puzzle season of the witch
Activate the second tribute button.

Just after activating the second button, players will find a V icon.

puzzle solution destiny 2
Modify the third tribute.

Players should progress through and find = symbol, four line representation, the three dots and finally, a Cone-like symbol.

Search for two vertical and two straight-line symbols.

Moreover, players should pay the final tribute after modifying multiple tributes.

test of truth and lies destiny 2
Pay the final tribute.

If all the puzzle solution is correct, a new door will unlock after players get the objective completion prompt.

Finally, players should head to the mysterious room for the Witch Queen’s Hairloom in Destiny 2.

The Bottom Line

The Test of truth and lies is probably the most challenging puzzle and the last quest of Season of Witch.

Further, Players must complete multiple phases and find the correct representation to modify the tribute.

Lastly, players can obtain the Ahamkara egg, receive the parting gift and watch the final cut scene for the new season. 

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