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Complete The Destroy 10 Demons Challenge In MK1

Many players are curious about how to complete the Destroy 10 Demons challenge in MK1.

The Destroy 10 Demons is a challenge of Invasion season 2 in MK1.

To complete the Destroy 10 Demons challenge in Mk1, you must use your character’s projectile to blast the ten demons before the time runs out. Use the projectiles of characters like Le Mei and Kung Lao hat toss to complete the challenge.

Continue reading to find out more about the Destroy 10 Demons challenge in MK1 and how you can complete it.

What Is Destroy 10 Demons Challenge In MK1?

This challenge is a new event of Invasion season two, where players must eliminate 10 demons to win and collect rewards.

In this challenge, you must destroy 10 demons that continuously charge at you.

When you destroy these demons, they explode in the air, which is why they are named exploding demons in MK1.

However, to complete this challenge, you must kill all the demons before the timer runs out to win this challenge.

survval 10 demons destroy
Destroy 10 Demons is a challenge where you must kill all 10 demons within a certain time.

This Destroy 10 Demons challenge is a survival challenge, so you must be ready for all 10 demons simultaneously charging at you.

You will face these demons in a temple side arena, and remember that the demons will charge at you from both directions.

Hence, you must press the Flip Stance to change your facing direction in the game.

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Insights Of The Battle With 10 Exploding Demons

During the battle, these exploding demons may come from either left or right, so keep an eye on both sides.

When they touch you, they will explode together with you and deplete your health.

So, the technique to take less damage is to avoid letting them touch you.

using projectiles
Use projectiles during the challenge to shoot the demons and explode them quicker.

Furthermore, you can focus on staying in the middle of the arena to charge at them from a distance.

You can use ranged attacks for this challenge, so throw your power balls from a distance to explode them.

However, remember that they should not be near you while you explode these demons, as the explosion will affect your HP.

How To Complete Destroy 10 Demons Challenge In Mk1?

The Destroy 10 demons in the MK1 challenge has left many Mortal Kombat players scratching their heads.

In the survival mode, you are supposed to take out 10 exploding demons before the timer runs out to win this challenger.

However, many players face the timer of the game is stuck on infinite and never seems to stop ticking.

The exploding demons keep on coming even after the timer for the challenge runs out.

exploding the demons
In survival mode, take out 10 exploding demons before the timer runs out.

No matter if you knock out 10 demons or more before the time, they keep coming at you endlessly.

Many players are wondering if it is a bug or glitch in the game.

However, you can overcome this issue by following these tips:

  1. First, you must use projectiles during this challenge to shoot at the demons and explode them quicker.
  2. You must throw your projectiles with precision to make the demons explode.
  3. During the challenge, select the characters whose projectiles work precisely on these exploding demons, as some projectile works and some do not.
  4. For example, using Sindel’s projectiles is more likely to not work on this challenge.
  5. If you select Omni-Man as your character, his projectiles also seem not to do the job.
  6. Li Mei is the best character to choose for this survival challenge, as her Nova Blast is precise enough to win.
  7. You can also use the Kung Lao hat toss to destroy the 10 demons and win the survival challenge in MK1.
  8. You must swap to a character and keep checking whose projectiles work better for this challenge.

The Bottom Line

You may be stuck on this challenge even if you defeat all the 10 demons and explode them before the time runs out.

So, focus on hitting the 10 demons with precision so that your hit counts during the battle.

You may also have to swap between your in-game characters to look for whose projectile is best for exploding the 10 demons.

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