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Should You Neglect Pals In Palworld?

Many players neglect their Pals in Palworld which might result in Pal’s worst health condition.

In the dynamic world of Palworld, Pals are the closest companions of the players, so they must keep them healthy and happy.

In Palworld, many players neglect their Pals after they accumulate several of them, which will ultimately affect Pal’s overall health. Similarly, players should avoid letting their Pal’s SAN level drop too low as it makes them extremely unhealthy and depressed.

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An Overview Of Pal In Palworld

Pals are the key entities of the Palworld universe that aid players during their quests in the game.

Similarly, Pals are the creatures in Palworld that enhance the overall beauty of the Palworld universe.

Alongside aiding in the quests, Pals can be the perfect companion for the players in their gaming journey.

Pal In Palworld
Players can find numerous Pals in the realm of Palworld.

These creatures assist players in various tasks such as farming, fighting, and most importantly during the base attacks.

Besides, that, players can also use some of the Pals as a mount to travel around the maps efficiently.

Players can embark on the adventure to hunt the Pals and increase their Pals collection for multiple purposes.

Thus, players should take care of their Pals by feeding them regularly and petting them to maintain their overall health.

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Pal’s Nature And Their Mental Health

Pals are extremely sensitive creatures that require constant attention and effort from the players.

If players neglect these Pals, these creatures might be extremely unhealthy and even get depressed.

Since Pals are a valuable asset for the players as they assist in several quests, players should never neglect their Pals.

Sometimes players might forget to feed and pet some of their Pals which makes them feel neglected.

Players can find the orange SAN bar that provides the detail of the Pal Mental Stability out of 100.

If this bar is too low, the Pals are stressed and if it is high, the Pals are energetic and are ready to conquer.

Thus you should check the Pals’ SAN bar constantly, to prevent them from being depressed and unhealthy.

However, if you accidentally neglect your Pals, there are some measures to heal them from depression.

Ways To Heal Extremely Unhealthy And Depressed Pals In Palworld

Encountering the unhealthy and depressed Pals in your base can be a sign of weakness during the base attacks.

Pal is Sleeping Palworld
A Pal is in a deep sleep and increasing its SAN level.

However, players can easily heal their depressed Pals by nurturing them and feeding them food.

Similarly, players should focus on increasing the Pal’s SAN bar by making them sleep, feeding them, and taking them to beautiful places.

Moreover, players can make the Pals inactive in their party to heal them quickly.

Here are some of the healing measures to restore the Pals health :

1. Feed Them Regularly

One of the most important tasks in Palworld is to feed the Pals regularly to ensure they have proper health.

Players should always provide food for their Pals as these creatures get hungry pretty soon.

Similarly, players can feed them Mushrooms, Berries, Baked Berries, Fried Eggs, Kebabs and so on.

Fueling them with food restores the Pal’s energy and makes them more energetic and healthy.

2. Craft Pal Beds

Players should craft an individual bed for each of their Pals to restore their SAN bar level.

Similarly, players can craft a straw Pal bed from your Technology section.

Crafting the individual bed for each Pals allows them to improve their sleep quality which results in increased SAN level.

3. Use Palbox

Players can use the Palbox to easily heal their depressed Pals in Palworld.

To begin the healing process, you can place a Pal inside the Palbox until they are fully recovered.

Thus, keep unhealthy Pals in Palbox to restore their health and make them active.

The Bottom Line

Players should not use the medical items to heal Pal’s mental health as they are used for external injuries.

Moreover, players can also build the Hot Spring for their Pals to restock their SAN level.

Thus, feed and pet your Pals regularly to make them energetic and healthy in Palworld.

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