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Cant Die Issue In Lethal Company: Causes And Fixes

Lethal Company is a cooperative video game for up to four players played in first-person perspective.

Recently, players are experiencing an issue where they cannot die even if they are supposed to.

While they try to host a mod pack in Lethal Company, they can’t Die even from the death barriers. Instead, they take a small amount of damage and even survive the Snare Bugs jumps. To fix this bug try to re-install the update and restart the game.

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What Is Cant Die Issue In Lethal Company?

Can’t die issue is faced by most of the players while they use modpacks and are unable die with deadly attacks.

They claim that even after they got eaten by the giants, they didn’t die and just got some fall damage.

Can't die to giants
In this issue you are unable to die even after getting eaten by giants.

This issue is simultaneosly faced by players while they are hosting or playing in a mod-packed server.

It doesn’t means that the players are immortal as they can die through turret attacks in the game.

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Causes Of Cant Die Issue In Lethal Company

In most cases, the players are facing the issue while they are using mod packs in the Lethal Company.

There are no such reports of the issue in the normal games, and it might be the mod issue that players are facing.

Some causes of the Can’t Die issue in Lethal Company are:

  1. Issue in the files of the mod
  2. Incomplete updates
  3. Corrupted Game files
  4. Use of extra mods and cheats
mods used while experiece of the issue
These are the list of mods that players are experiencing the Can’t die issue.

Fixes For Cant Die Issue In Lethal Company

The fixes for this issue are not appropriate as there is no such issue in the game, so this is not a bug.

This is an in-game mod issue and to fix this it requires the mod pack developers to respond for the accurate fix.

Some fixes that might work and solve the issue are as follows.

1. Check Mod Compatibility

Mod compatibility is a common culprit for unexpected issues similar to the can’t die issue in Lethal Company.

Ensure that the mods you’ve installed are compatible with each other and with the current version of Lethal Company.

2. Update Mods

Developers regularly release updates for mods to fix bugs and improve compatibility of Modpack for the game.

Check for updates to your installed mods and ensure you have the latest versions with a proper installation.

3. Load Order Matters

The order in which mods are loaded can affect their interactions with the crucial game files that contains packages.

Therefore, experiment with adjusting the load order to see if it resolves the invincibility issue.

4. Remove Problematic Mods

Temporarily remove mods one by one and test the game to pinpoint the problematic one that is causing the issue.

This process of elimination can help you identify and address the root cause of the issue.

5. Seek Community Guidance

Engage in discussions on modding forums or platforms to share your experience and seek advice.

Some other players who may have encountered and resolved similar issues might reach out to you.

The Bottom Line

Modding adds a wealth of possibilities to Lethal Company, but it can also introduce unexpected challenges.

By following these simple fixes, players can troubleshoot and overcome the “Can’t Die” issue in mod packs.

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