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Everything You Need To Know About Night Elf In WoW SOD

In WoW SOD, players can pick many races to battle, and the night elf is one of them.

However, players must learn about this race in detail to effectively use them during battle.

In WoW SOD, Night Elf is a race from the alliance faction that can pick all four Druid roles in Season of Discovery: tank, healer, melee DPS, and ranged DPS. The Night Elf race is available for players if they decide to play the Alliance faction.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Night Elf race in WoW SOD.

Introduction To Night Elf In WoW SOD

Night Elf is an ancient race that can roll Druids and play all four roles in WoW.

Night Elves can also turn into their animal forms, adding more fun elements.

Appearance-wise, they are purple-colored creatures who are known for their pointy ears.

Night Elf WOW SOD
The image displays the appearance of a Night Elf in WoW SOD.

In the WoW Season Of Discovery, Night Elf is a playable race from the alliance faction.

Additionally, they are known for their elusive traits, which allow them to dodge or receive less damage.

However, players should note that no Night Elf racial provides buffs to professions, stats, weapon skills, or reputations.

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Racials Of Night Elf Race In WoW SOD

In WoW SOD, Racials are race-specific abilities that vary based on the race of the character.

In general, every race in WoW has at least three Racials tied to them.

These Racials are also categorized into active and passive forms for each race.

Specifically, the Night Elf race has four Racials in the game, which are:

1.Nature ResistanceAdds +10 to Nature Resistance for Night Elves
2.Wisp SpirtTransform into wisp upon death with +50% increased movement speed
3.QuicknessAdds +1% stat while dodging attacks
4.ShadowmeldAllows Night Elves to hide into shadows making them stealthy

How To Play Night Elfs In WoW SOD?

Every race class in WoW can be played in various ways after learning their abilities.

Similarly, players can play Night Elfs in many ways after learning their Racials.

Here are some of the ways for players to effectively play Night Elfs in WoW:

  1. Firstly, when players play as a Hunter, they should mostly prioritize ganking using Shadowmeld.
Racial trait of Night Elf
Shadowmeld is a racial trait of the Night Elf race in WoW SOD.
  1. Similarly, players must jump into the frontlines while playing as the Rouge class.
  2. While playing as Priest, players must constantly use Elune’s Grace and chip away enemies’ health.
  3. Finally, pick the Druid class to fill every missing role in the team, as it is a Night Elves-only exclusive feature.

With experience,  players can effectively shuffle these classes to become the best version of Night Elf.

The Bottom Line

Night Elf is the most versatile race from the alliance faction, as players can not only play them as damage dealers but also as supports and tanks.

Therefore, players must make the most of this race to gain a competitive advantage.

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