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How To Farm Aspects In Diablo 4?

Players can equip Aspects as a form of affixes to enhance their skills significantly.

However, some Aspects are tied to Legendary gears, while others are farmable.

In Diablo 4, Farming Aspects is possible through various means. However, players can obtain the Aspects they desire through Legendary items, but even those Aspects come with a catch.

In this article, we will examine what Aspects are and how you can farm them.

What Are Aspects In Diablo 4? 

Aspects are affixes that players can equip on their gear piece. Players can obtain aspects through various means.

However, the best way is to extract it from Legendary gear. 

In addition to extracting Aspects, players can farm Aspects from different dungeons.

Farming Aspects in Diablo 4 from dungeons is better than extracting them.

This is because you lose the Aspect when you extract an Aspect and imprint it on another gear piece.

diablo 4 aspects farming
 You can find the Cadaverous offensive Aspect with its details.

However, if you farm the Aspect from a dungeon and have it in your Codex of Power, you can infinitely imprint it on other gear pieces. 

But, there is a difference between an Aspect you obtain from extraction and an Aspect you obtain from dungeons.

If you obtain the Aspect from a dungeon, when you imprint the Aspect, it will roll the lowest value.

However, if you imprint it after the extraction process, it will roll the same value from its previous gear.

Additonally, players need to visit an Occultist in the city to extract the legendary Aspect from the Legendary items. 

How To Farm Aspects In Diablo 4? 

Players can farm Aspects in two ways, the first one is by extracting them from Legendary items, and the other is through farming dungeons

In addition to extracting and farming the legendary Aspects, players need to know that there are five different types of Aspects.

They are; Offensive, Defensive, Resource, Utility and Mobility and each of these Aspects shows up in specific gear pieces. 

Here is the list of Aspects and their corresponding item type.

Aspect Type Item Type
Offensive Aspect One-handed weapon, Two-handed weapon, Gloves, Amulet, Ring
Defensive AspectHelmet, Chest Armor, Pants, Amulet
UtilityHelmet, Chest Armor, Boots, Gloves, Amulet
MobilityBoots, Amulet

From the above table, we can see that certain item types can contain different types of Aspects.

Thus, target farming legendary gear for a specific Aspect can be tedious.

However, certain methods exist to obtain the exact Aspect you desire. 

Aspects in Codex of Power
Collection of Aspects in Codex of Power

Furthermore, you can farm Glacial Aspect in Diablo 4, which is the legendary aspect to boost blizzard spells.

Can You Target Farm Aspects In Diablo 4? 

Yes! You can target farm Aspects in Diablo 4. However, you cannot farm every Aspect in the game since it would undermine the value of unique items and certain rare Legendary items.

In addition, players can also find every Aspect in legendary gear pieces. Even the ones that they can farm in dungeons.

However, the ones from Codex of Power will roll the lowest value, while the ones from legendary gear will hold their previous value. 

But, for certain Aspects, it is better to farm through dungeons rather than wait for it to appear in legendary gear.

This method is mainly for class-specific Aspects since many class-specific Aspects are farmable through dungeons. 

Here is the list of certain aspects and their location.

  • Aspect of Ancestral Force: Sunken Ruin, Scosglen
  • Aspect of Arrow Storms: Howling Warren, Scosglen
  • Aspect of Biting Cold: Forgotten Depths, Dry Steppes
  • Aspect of Mending Stone: Sealed Archives, Dry Steppes
  • Aspect of Bursting Bones: Path of the Blind, Dry Steppes

Only a few Aspects players can farm from various dungeons in Sanctuary.

In addition to these Aspects, players can find many more class-specific Aspects all over Sanctuary. 

Furthermore, players may even find certain Aspects they can use in any class. You can find a complete list at Fextralife.

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The Bottom Line

Aspects can be a vital part of a build that does not dictate what your build will be.

Instead, your build should dictate the Aspect you want to match it with. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you on what Aspects you can target farm and where you can find the Aspects you want to use. 

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