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Monopoly Go Cheat Codes: Use Them Or Avoid Them?

Monopoly Go is a mobile game based on the classic board game Monopoly.

In this game, you can buy properties, build houses and hotels, collect rent, and compete with other players.

Some players want excess coins and dice rolls using Monopoly cheat codes. Some websites and videos claim to offer cheat codes or hacks for Monopoly Go. However, they are not reliable or safe. 

This article discusses the cheat codes in Monopoly Go and ways to play Monopoly Go reasonably.

Is There Any Cheat Codes In Monopoly Go?

No cheat codes are available for Monopoly GO that work in the game.

There are no official cheat codes, but some players have tried to use some tricks to get free dice rolls and other in-game items.

Some of the methods that players have claimed to work are Time-lapse hack and Dice roll generator.

Users with new accounts, few subscribers, or followers have produced dubious YouTube or TikTok videos or websites.

Moreover, these sources advertise cheats or hacks for limitless dice rolls, money, or other in-game perks.

However, game developers do not support these methods which may result in a ban or other consequences.

Yet, some fair tactics exist to make the most of your spins and attempt to win more. 

Why Should You Avoid Cheat Codes?

Here are some reasons why you should avoid using cheat codes or hacks for Monopoly Go:

1. They Might Not Work

Some online advertisements for cheats or hacks are for out-of-date, bogus, or incompatible game versions.

Additionally, they might not produce the desired outcomes or impede your game advancement.

2. Illegal

Further, the game’s terms of service and privacy policy prohibit some online cheats and hacks.

They might entail altering the game files and using unofficial servers or third-party software.

Therefore, if you use them, you run the risk of breaking the game’s rules and being suspended or barred.

3. Dangerous

Online advertisements for cheats or hacks might contain dangerous or deceptive content.

Moreover, they might have malicious software, spyware, phishing links, or viruses that might harm your device, steal your data, or jeopardize your security.

Therefore, if you use them, you could put yourself at risk for identity theft or cyberattacks.

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How To Increase Your Chance Of Winning Fairly?

It is preferable to play Monopoly Go fairly and lawfully rather than employing cheats or hacks.

By using the following advice, you can still enjoy the game and earn additional coins, gems, dice rolls, or other advantages:

1. Complete Challenges

You can fulfill the game’s numerous tasks and goals to receive bonuses like coins, gems, dice rolls, and tokens.

On the game’s home screen, tap the trophy symbol to view your progress and get your rewards.

2. Participate In Events 

You can participate in the game’s ongoing events and competitions to receive rewards like coins, gems, dice rolls, and tokens.

By touching the calendar icon on the game’s home screen, you can view the calendar and the specifics of the events and competitions.

3. Watch Ads And Videos

Further, the game allows you to watch ads and videos to get free coins, gems, dice rolls, or tokens.

However, you can watch up to 10 ads or videos per day by tapping on the video icon on the game’s main screen.

monopoly go cheat
You can earn excess money with a dice roll.

4. Invite Friends And Join Teams

Moreover, you can create teams with other players in the game and ask your friends to join you.

You can earn coins, jewels, dice rolls, or tokens by inviting your friends through social media or joining teams through the team icon on the game’s main page.

monopoly go cheat
You can invite friends or family or accept their invitations.

The Bottom Line

There are no official cheat codes for Monopoly GO, but there are a few unofficial ones that players have discovered.

Players can use these codes to get more dice rolls, money, or land on specific spaces on the board.

However, it is essential to use cheat codes sparingly, as they can ruin the fun of the game for other players.

Hence, you can use your creativity, enjoy the game somewhat, and earn coins, tokens, etc., on your own. 

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