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How To Farm Penitent Greaves In Diablo 4?

The Penitent Greaves is one of the most exceptional unique items for enhancing your Frost Archer or Mage setup.

It is a unique pair of boots that can be use used by all classes in Diablo 4. 

Moreover, these boots grant decent movement speed and a chilled trail that lets you deal bonus damage to chilled enemies.

The best way to farm for Penitent Greaves is to participate in activities with high enemy density and guaranteed legendary rewards such as Helltide Portal Invasions, Tortured Gifts of Mysteries or Nightmare Dungeons.

Continue reading to discover Penitent Greaves, what they offer, and how to farm them.

What Is Penitent Greaves?

In Diablo 4, there are several unique items that players can acquire.

Some unique items are even class-specific, meaning only specific classes can use them.

However, a few unique items can be used by any class, such as the Penitent Greaves.

Penitent Greaves
Players can equip Penitent Greaves by competing in Helltide Events.

Penitent Greaves is a special item in Diablo 4 having a unique effect that leaves trails of frost that chill enemies.

Additionally, it increases your damage to chilled enemies.

Advantages Of Penitent Greaves

The Penitent Greaves is a unique set of boots with several advantages for players who want to boost the effects of their chill.

Furthermore, these boots improve players’ damage against chilled foes while allowing them to chill adversaries on their own.

Due to this, players of any class can choose them, regardless of whether they have any unique chill talents.

You can find some of the advantages of Penitent Greaves below.

  • Increased movement speed and dodge chance while evading
  • Increased crowd control duration and reduced duration of enemy slow
  • Increased cold resistance
  • Increased damage to chilled enemies

How To Get Penitent Greaves In Diablo 4?

Penitent Greaves are only accessible as a random loot drop from an opponent or a chest, just like every other unique item in Diablo 4.

To get it, you need to be in either World Tier 3 or World Tier 4 difficulty for the boots to drop. 

To access it, you must finish the Cathedral of Light Capstone dungeon in Veteran mode.

Once the Nightmare difficulty is enabled, you can hunt for the Penitent Greaves by taking out adversaries or finding secret treasure containers.

The Nightmare difficulty offers 15% more gold and 100% more XP than World Tier 2.

World Tier 5 Torment would be another option for finding the Penitent Greaves if you were unsuccessful in World Tier 3.

It has a higher chance of falling on Diablo 4’s harshest difficulty, Torment, which is the hardest.

It’s crucial to remember that surviving in Torment is not simple.

To be able to handle the increasing difficulty, you will need to farm enough higher-level gear.

Note: Your chances of finding the Penitent Greaves as treasure are the same whether you complete 100 dungeons or only one opponent in the real world.

How To Farm Penitent Greaves In Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, you can unlock the Penitent Greaves if you’re gear farming.

There is no definite way to obtain them because they drop randomly.

Although, you can do some things to improve your odds of farming them.

To increase the drop rates of all items, including the Penitent Greaves, try playing on the highest-rated difficulty level you can handle.

However, adversaries and chests in high-level locations are more feasible to include the Penitent Greaves.

The Penitent Greaves can come from any enemy or treasure. Also, you can complete Nightmare Dungeons and Helltide events.

You can find the Penitent Greaves and other high-level treasure by completing these two of Diablo 4’s most challenging endgame tasks.

Moreover, you can make use of a crowd-control-friendly structure.

Doing so can prevent opponents from overwhelming you and gaining access to their bodies for looting.

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The Bottom Line

In Diablo 4, you can find a pair of boots called the Penitent Greaves.

Since they drop randomly, there is yet to be a specific technique to obtain them.

However, you can improve your odds of farming them by farming high-level locations, playing on the most challenging setting you can live on, and completing Helltide events like Nightmare Dungeons.

You should ultimately be able to farm the Penitent Greaves with some time and effort.

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