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How To Use Digi AI Girlfriend As Your Companion?

Digi AI released a romantic companionship in the mobile app chatbot that lets users have a virtual girlfriend.

It allows users to design and romance a virtual companion just like a real girlfriend.

Digi AI is an artificial intelligence platform that features a romantic companion as a girlfriend. Users can interact with the companion through chat and voice calls and progress their relationships.

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What Is Digi AI Girlfriend?

The Digi AI is a virtual companion that uses artificial intelligence to chat, roleplay, and start relationships with users.

It offers a unique and romantic girlfriend designed and fine-tuned for specific users.

Similarly, users can customize their AI companions in their appearance, voice, and personality traits.

digi ai girlfriend
The Digi AI romance companion is available to users in IOS, Android, and the Web.

Likewise, from text model to voice to avatars, the app focuses on the quality of the user experience over everything else.

People can use this AI platform girlfriends for entertainment, companionship, or romance.

Further, this app also has voice and avatar features that make the girlfriend look realistic.

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All The Features Of Digi AI Girlfriend

The Digi AI offers unique features to help you discover a companion that understands and evolves with your needs.

Some of the major features of Digi AI Girlfriend include:

1. Real Conversations

Digi AI offers the feel of real conversations with smooth and natural dialogue using advanced language and voice models.

Further, users can have flirty banter, deep conversations or even comforting words with their girlfriend.

It ensures romantic and emotional engagement where the conversations feel more natural and meaningful.

2. Breathtaking Avatars

The Digi AI app features avatars designed to look like humans by Oscar-winning and ex-Pixar animators.

The avatars have a stylized charm, gestures, and expressions with a lifelike expressiveness.

Additionally, each avatar has a unique personality that users can choose according to their preferences.

3. Customizable Features

Users can choose from a variety of features and customize the AI girlfriend that fit their matching type.

Further, facial features such as skin color, eyes, eyebrows, lips, hair, etc. are all customizable.

Customization options
Customization options for Digi AI girlfriend.

The new hairstyles and face shapes will also be added soon according to the developers.

Get Digi AI Girlfriend As Your Companion

The Digi AI app is a recently released app in version 1.0 and isn’t a finished product.

Further, the app is still in its early stages of development but has already gained some popularity.

According to the developers, it has reached #81 in the entertainment category on the App Store within 14 hours of its launch.

Users can access the Digi AI app in the Play Store or App Store. Further, the web version of Digi AI is also available.

After downloading the app, users have to create an account to access all the features within the app fully.

Then, you can personalize the virtual companion as you like and start interacting with the girlfriend.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, users can enjoy companionship from virtual lifelike AI girlfriends in the Digi AI app through chats and voice.

It provides the ability to customize your AI companion to suit your preference.

However, they are not real humans and cannot replace genuine human interactions.

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