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Directive Plant Dreamlight Valley: How To Complete The Quest?

Disney Dreamlight Valley allows players to explore a magical world full of adventure and creativity.

One of the quests that players can undertake is the Directive Plant Quest.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Directive Plant Quest involves helping a character named Eve to create a scanner accessory. Furthermore, the quest can be completed by helping Eve cook her Gourmet Grubs food.

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Directive Plant Quest: An Overview

The Directive Plant Quest is a quest that is available for players who have reached level 15 and have unlocked the Eternity Isle.

Moreover, the quest involves Eve, a mysterious robotic girl who lives in a house in the Eternity Isle.

Directive Plant quest
Directive Plant quest in Dreamlight Valley.

Likewise, Eve is interested in studying a rare plant called the Dreamlight Cobra Lily.

However, she will ask the player to help her create a scanner accessory that can analyze the plant’s properties.

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Directive Plant Quest Guide In Disney Dreamlight Valley

The quest consists of several steps that require the player to gather specific items and craft components.

Here is a detailed walkthrough of how to complete the quest:

1. Talk To Eve

Talk to Eve in her house and accept the quest.

Furthermore, she will ask you to bring her three items: copper, ancient gears, and mechanical parts.

Copper is obtained by mining any stone in the Eternity Isle. You will need 10 copper for the quest.

2. Collect Items

Ancient gears are found by using The Hourglass, a device that can solve puzzles and reveal hidden objects.

Similarly, you will need 3 ancient gears for the quest.

The Hourglass is found in various locations in the Eternity Isle or anywhere on the map.

Mechanical parts are crafted by combining brass and bronze, both of which need to be crafted as well.

Likewise, you will need 3 mechanical parts for the quest.

  • To craft brass, you need 3 copper, 2 zinc, and 1 Coal Ore.
  • To craft bronze, you need 4 copper, 1 tin, and 1 Coal Ore.

Additionaly, Zinc and tin can be mined from stones in the Eternity Isle as well.

However, to craft mechanical parts, you need 1 brass and 1 bronze each.

3. Craft Scanner Accessory

After you have gathered all the required items, go back to Eve’s house and craft the scanner accessory.

Likewise, you will need 10 copper, 3 ancient gears, 3 mechanical parts, and Eve’s Scanner for this.

Afterward, go back to Eve’s house and give the scanner accessory to her.

Craft Scanner Accessory
Craft Scanner Accessory for Eve.

4. Inspect the Dreamlight Cobra Lily

After giving her the scanner accessory, she will ask you to inspect the Dreamlight Cobra Lily plant.

The plant is located inside her house, on a table near the window.

After inspecting the plant, talk to Eve again and she will give you a book that contains the recipe for a special food.

Moreover, the book also tells you the locations of the ingredients you need to find.

Likewise, the ingredients are a sea snail, a sandworm, and a scorpion.

5. Collect The Ingredients

The sea snail is found in blue bubbles, possibly also in white bubbles.

Furthermore, you can fish for bubbles in the Overlook area, near the dock. You will need 1 sea snail for the quest.

The sandworm is found in red bubbles in the Glittering Dunes area.

Collect Ingredients for food

Similarly, you can fish for bubbles in the sand as well. You will need 1 sandworm for the quest.

The scorpion is found in blue bubbles in the Glittering Dunes area. You will need 1 scorpion for the quest.

6. Cook The Food For Eve

After you have collected all the ingredients, go to a cooking station and cook the food.

Additionally, you will need 1 sea snail, 1 sandworm, and 1 scorpion for this.

Likewise, the food is called Gourmet Grubs and it looks like a plate of worms.

Cook Gourmet Grubs food
Cook Gourmet Grubs food for Eve.

Afterward, go back to Eve and give the food to her. Finally, the quest is complete and you will receive your rewards.

Complete the quest
Complete the Directive Plant quest.

Rewards For Completing The Directive Plant Quest

The rewards for completing the Directive Plant Quest are:

  1. 2200 Friendship XP
  2. A Dreamlight Cobra Lily furniture item that you can place in your house
  3. Access to a new area called the Timeless Trash, where you can find more quests, secrets, and treasures.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Directive Plant Quest is a fun and challenging quest that allows you to explore the Eternity Isle and learn more about Eve.

Furthermore, you can complete this quest by crafting and cooking food for Eve.

Similarly, the quest also rewards you with Friendship XP, a furniture item, and a new area to discover.

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