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What Is Paradiso In Starfield?

 Starfield is an upcoming open-world space exploration role-playing game with various planets and galaxies to explore.

Paradiso in Starfield is one of the locations in orbit over Porrima II in the Porrima system.

Paradiso in Starfield is a large resort, one of the most exciting locations players can explore in Starfield. It is most likely the hub of activity in Starfield.

This article explores the details of Paradiso in Starfield and what activities you can perform there.

Introduction To Paradiso In Starfield

Paradiso is a large hotel for side quests like First Contact and Lost and Found.

It is more than a place to rest with various interesting characters and events within the walls.

This place is like a modern-day Sandals resort with palm trees everywhere you look, lush waters, and amenities everywhere the eye can see.

Furthermore, this place also consists of a Ship Services Technician.

You can find him after landing in Paradiso and head over to the Trade Authority Kiosk on the landing pad.

To the right is a man dressed in Paradiso Staff attire, the region’s Ship Service Technician.

Moreover, you can also buy rare and unique ships from him, such as Sunsai II, Carry All II, Rambler II, Renegade, Abyss Trekker, and Crimson Fleet Haunt.

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How To Complete Side Quests In Paradiso?

In Paradiso, First Contact and Lost and Found are two side quests.

1. First Contact

In this mission, your role is to negotiate as a middleman between Paradiso and an old ship from Earth 200 years ago.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to complete the First Contact side quest of Paradiso:

  1. The mission starts in orbit over Porrima II in the Porrima system.
A planet with a place called Paradiso.
  1. Once you arrive, you will get a distress signal and be hailed by the unknown ship.
You can enter the ship by holding the Board near it.
  1. As you land inside the unknown ship, you will be greeted by a woman named Diana Breckenridge.
  2. Upon speaking to Diana, you can help her and the people on the ship to communicate with the Paradiso when you reach Porrima-II and dock in the Paradiso.
Captain diana
Speak to Diana to find out about the unknown ship.
  1. Then, head to the office to talk to Chief Sugiyama. It is near the Landing Pad.
Cheif Sugiyama
Talk to the Cheif about the situation on the ship.
  1. Once you finish talking to the Chief, go to Paradiso Resort to talk to the Board member.
  2. Use the Elevator and head to the Board’s office.
  3. Then, you will be able to meet the member of the Board named Oliver and speak with him about the solution.
Besides Oliver, there are two other board members.
  1. Going over the solution, you will be left with three options;

Here are the options that affect the outcome of the quest:

Settle As Indentured Servants

First, Settel, the people of the unknown ship in Porrima-II.

However, they will be servants, forced to pay and work for Paradiso for their settlement privileges.

If you pick this option, you’ll return to Dinna and explain the condition, it is not ideal. However, it is the best option for them.

Moreover, you will be responsible for delivering 10 Lithium, 80 Iron, 20 Sealand, and 40 Fibers.

Settle as indentured servants.
After selecting this option, you need to talk to Diana.

Grav Drive Option

Second, Pay for a Grav Drive so the ship’s people can settle in another system.

It is the Second best and decent option to visit another system and try their luck elsewhere.

But you must buy Grave Drive from an NPC named Bennu.

It cost 40,000 credits initially, however, you can persuade him to sell it for only 25,000 credits.

Grav Driver
You need to purchase the Grav Driver from the NPC named Bennu

Reactor Option

Lastly, find a way to “make the ship people disappear” focusing on destroying the ship and killing everyone on it.

The easiest option in this quest is to blow up everyone on the ship, which saves you 25000 and a large chunk of resources.

Destroy the ship by overloading the reactor.

However, if you don’t want to kill anyone, I recommend buying the Grave Drive, the second option, because you can always earn extra money.

This quest will reward you with antique items valued at a few thousand credits each and a Modified XM-2311.

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2. Lost And Found

Lost and Found is a small quest on Paradiso about helping the concierge find different items guests have lost at the resort.

Here are those items and locations;

  1. Room Keycard: To find this item, you have to go to the 5th-floor premium suites, and there, you can find the lost Room Keycard between the two couches.
I found it on the couches in the back right corner of the room.
  1. Wedding Ring: You can find this item near one of the cabanas on the beach, past the entrance to the resort.

Wedding Ring
As the marker appears, head to the bottom of the stairs towards the cabana.
  1. Slate: Located on the Rooftop, accessed using the elevators in the back of the lobby.

It will be on the ground on the right of the closest couch.
  1. Thermos: You have to return to the spaceport for this item. You can find this at the right of the small alcove with the luggage lined up.

Approach the luggage, and the objective marker will appear.

Once you obtain all items, return them to the concierge, and he will reward you with 2100 credits for each item.

The Bottom Line

Paradiso is a beautiful place with different characters and quests.

Furthermore, you can complete different quests in this region, providing you with many rewards.

Moreover, you can also explore this place to find new secrets and purchase rare and unique ships.

Hopefully, this article will help you to learn about the Paradiso and the quests of this place.

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