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How To Defeat Disciple Zrell?

Disciple Zrell is one of the toughest characters to beat in BG3.

Moreover, Players are having a tough time defeating the potent creature.

To Defeat Disciple Zrell in BG3, initially, Players must choose an alternate route to Gauntlet of the Shar. Further, use abilities, including Spells, Ranged Attacks, Fire and Ice arrows, and Poisonous Weapons, to defeat her in Moonrise Tower. 

Ensure to discover the location and the technique to overcome the creature in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Who Is Disciple Zrell?

The Disciple Zrell is among the Potent characters in BG3.

Thanks to her Black Hole Spell, beating her in combat is almost impossible.

In addition, she can be found in the Moonrise Towers location in one of the Quests.

Players will encounter the Disciple Z’rell in the alternate version of Gauntlet of the Shar.

Further, on the Main Floor of the Tower, Players would come face-to-face with Disciple Z’relL.

Z’rell and her few companions, including Barnabus and Zealots, will be waiting for Players on the battlefield.

Moreover, Players should have the upper hand in the battle to continue the event further.

Lastly, in battle, don’t use the most powerful spells; she will have the counterspell to defeat Players.

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How To Defeat Disciple Zrell?

Eventhough there are a few possibilities to overcome the Z’rell, follow the given procedure to defeat her with ease;

  1. Head to the Main Floor of Moonrise Tower and approach Disciple Z’rell.
Moonrise Towers
Confront Z’rell in the Moonrise Tower.
  1. Hit the biggest threat enemies with the Void Bulb.
Moonrise Towers
Use the Void Bulb ability.
  1. Use Grese bottles to slow them, Area of Spell, Deploy ranged attacks, and target the lowest HP Zealow.
disciple zrell bg3
Target the Low Hp Zealow in combat.
  1. Coat Weapons with poisons, Use Fire and Ice Arrows and balance utility usage to Destroy Z’rell.
disciple zrell bg3
Beat Z’rell by planning a great attack.

Moreover, only beating the Disciple Z’rell is insufficient to complete the Quests.

Players should defeat other companions, including the Zealtos, Mages, and Hunger of Hadar, to progress through.

After finishing off all the enemies, Players should unlock the Ornate door to meet Ketheric Thorm.

A bunch of Aylin’s followers surround Ketheric Thorm, Players can either save him or leave him stranded.

If the Player wants to aid the Thorm, Jaheira will join following the Player’s approval.

Lastly, after the end of the battle, Players can take a Long rest, fill the Spells and deploy Health Regen.

The Bottom Line

The Disciple Z’rell is found in the Moonrise Tower if players play alternate events of Gauntlet of the Shar.

Players should defeat Z’rell to progress through the Mind Flayer Colony Quest.

Moreover, the best way to beat her is by using Spells, Ranged attacks and Fire and Ice Arrows.

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