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Meet His Majesty The Sassy Cat In Baldurs Gate 3

His Majesty in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) is a sassy sphinx cat that hisses at you whenever you interact with him. 

Furthermore, even after you fulfill his wishes, he will be as sassy as ever and show you that he is above you. 

Players can interact with various animals in Baldur’s Gate 3. His Majesty in BG3 is a cat that gives the character the full experience of owning a cat in real life and can be found at the Last Light Inn.

Continue reading to learn more about the sassy sphinx, his majesty in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Introducing His Majesty In BG3

His Majesty or Hiss Majesty is one of the sphynx cats that players will meet in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

The cat is one of the few animals players can interact with and get a quest.

Similarly, players who meet the cat describe it as one of the sassiest NPCs in the game. 

During the meeting, the cat will always be on guard and try to argue with the players.

However, after a few dialogues, the cat will calm down. 

Furthermore, during your playthrough, you will find a milk bowl around Isobel’s altar which is for His Majesty. 

However, this finding will be worthless if Isobel dies, and then everyone in the Inn dies, which means even his majesty will be dead. 

Thus, players must save both Isobel if they want to interact more with His Majesty. 

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Location Of His Majesty In Baldur’s Gate 3

Players will meet His Majesty in the Last Light Inn in Act Two. The Inn is on the northern side of the Baldur’s Gate city. 

Furthermore, you will not find His Majesty at once when you enter the Inn.

After entering the Inn, head straight to the kitchen. 

You will find a cat wandering around after reaching the kitchen on your left side near the staircase.

Interact with the cat, and you will discover he is His Majesty. 

Your first interaction with him will show you how sassy he is, however, you can either let him be sassy or hiss back at him. 

choose to hiss at his majesty
You can choose to hiss at his majesty.

However, you must choose one of the interaction options to hiss back at him.

Furthermore, you go through a wisdom check to win against him. 

But, if you prefer to let him be sassy, you can choose other options and then proceed.

After some dialogue, he will ask you to get him milk. 

pass wisdom to hiss at his majesty
Pass the wisdom check with his majesty.

However, he will tell you that someone else was supposed to bring him milk, but they did not.

The person who is supposed to bring milk to His Majesty is none other than Isobel. 

After obtaining the quest to bring the milk, the dialogue will end.

You can interact with him again, but he will only hiss and ask you to leave, perfectly suitable for his sassy nature. 

As mentioned before, you will find the bowl of milk near Isobel’s altar. 

Can You Save His Majesty In BG3?

If you want to save His Majesty, one of the players claims that leaving one of your party members with him during the invasion can save him. 

During the invasion of the inn, while talking with Isobel, the enemies will enter the Inn and kill everyone.

However, with one of your party members with his majesty, they will protect him. 

Although, we are not sure if this method works or not.

Other players claim that there are other methods too, but this method seems a bit more realistic than the others. 

The Bottom Line

His Majesty is an aggressive and sassy cat in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

Since players tend to love interacting with animals in any game, interacting with His Majesty can be considered an honor. 

Also, a quick note, even after you give His Majesty the milk bowl, he will be as sassy as ever and treat you like a peasant. 

Hopefully, this article can help you interact with His Majesty and experience his sassy behavior to your heart’s content in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

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