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Popcorn Image On Discord: Ban Reasons

Manu users are facing a ban after sending a popcorn image to their Discord.

The ban can even be a crime offense if users are found guilty of abusing the photo.

The Discord image of a kid having popcorn and wearing a headset can result in a permanent ban as the content is taken from a sexually explicit video, which is identified as Child Sexual Abuse Material(CPSM).

Continue reading about the Discord popcorn image that gets banned and the alternatives to avoid the issue.

Discord Popcorn Ban Image: Overview

Discord is on a rampage by banning users from the servers after they share an image of a child enjoying popcorn.

Thankfully, all the images that reflect the minor having popcorn will not be banned except one.

Furthermore, The image reportedly violates the Terms of Service of the Discord app.

Users can face a ban from not just the servers but the account itself instantly within 10 minutes.

Moreover, users will automatically get logged out of Discord, mentioning Your Account Has Been Disabled.

discord popcorn ban image
Users cannot re-login after their account is disabled.

Kid Eating Popcorn On Discord: Reasons For Ban

Many Discord users may believe a child having popcorn may not be offensive, but they are unaware of the issue.

The image of the child enjoying his popcorn and wearing headphones is taken from a sexually offensive video.

Discord uses software known as PhotoDNA to moderate the platform and ensure safety for the users.

Moreover, the software has a list of explicit content that helps the system ban similar content.

The PhotoDNA is a machine-learning model that creates a digital signature of all the contents passed through Discord.

In addition, the software analyzes the Kid Eating Popcorn Discord image as Child Sexual Abuse Material(CPSM).

This step is a crucial measure to increase child safety and restrict NSFW content flowing into the apps.

If players abuse any content that reflects the explicit content, they will get instantly banned.

Is Photo DNA Accurate?

The Photo DNA software doesn’t showcase 100% accuracy, even though Discord still uses it.

If users edit and share similar images of an adult having popcorn and wearing the Headsets, they will also face a ban.

Lastly, as there could be thousands of such images that reflect the CPSM, users should think twice before sharing.

Can You Retrieve The Banned Account?

If players share images or content of Child exploitation, there is no chance of getting the account back.

Moreover, after sharing the Kid’s popcorn image, players will not get an email about the ban.

If players break other Terms of Use, including harassment, they usually get an email mentioning the reason for the ban.

In addition, players can get details of the teen and protection measures of Discord in the Safety Library.

Enen though, Discord is highly concerned of safety, the GIF of the Kid is still around Discord.

The Bottom Line

Users sharing the image that contains CPSM, including the Popcorn image, gets a permanent ban.

Moreover, Discord even reports its use to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC).

If found guilty, users can face detention; hence, users should avoid this situation and notify their loved ones of the consequences.

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