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Is Camtrix A Scam?

A home and lifestyle product that provides security and surveillance, Camtrix might be a scam.

Do you also think that the Camtrix security system and its claims are too good to be true?

Camtrix is a surveillance and security camera system that allows people to monitor home activity. However, the reviews of Camtrix on their website are not legit with 1-star Trustpilot reviews making it another scam Chinese product.

Continue reading as we dive deeper into the details of Camtrix and unveil whether it’s a scam.

What Is Camtrix?

It is common for many homeowners to use a security camera and surveillance system in their home.

Also, these surveillance cameras connect to the doorbell and are mainly for the main door.

Furthermore, these system helps homeowners monitor the main door activity along with people, packages, and more.

Many popular security camera companies are present, such as Logitech, Ring, Google Home, and many more.

In addition, each has its features such as high resolution, wireless, compatibility with Alexa, Apple Home, and more.

However, most of these security cameras are quite expensive and above the $100 mark.

So, Camtrix was developed to be the most affordable and easy-to-set-up security camera.

Camtrix scam camera
Camtrix claims to be a compact security camera that is powerful and easy to use.

Additionally, one Camtrix camera will cost you $39.99, and two Camtrix cameras plus one free will cost you $79.99.

Furthermore, three Camtrix cameras plus two free will cost you $109.99 only.

Also, remember that these prices are discounted prices available right now and till supplies last.

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Features of Camtrix Security Camera

Apart from being an affordable camera, Camtrix also has many different features.

Here are some of the features of the Camtrix camera system.

  1. High-quality video: The security camera provides a high resolution of 1080p HD quality video for homeowners.
  2. Easy to set up: Camtrix claims that the camera can be set up by a professional electrician or a housewife because of its ease of setup.
  3. Night vision: Another powerful feature of the camera is the night vision allowing homeowners for good quality night surveillance.
  4. Magnetic Stand: The camera comes with a magnetic stand that allows you to set up the camera anywhere without drilling or hammering.
  5. Camtrix App: The Camtrix app can help you monitor and control the camera at your home from anywhere.
  6. Compact and Powerful: The camera is impressively compact yet the feature makes it powerful.
  7. Two-way audio: It helps homeowners communicate with people at their door.
  8. Wide angle view: The camera helps people view a wide angle of 150 degrees with advanced motion detection.

According to the company, Camtrix was designed by the workers of a security camera company.

Furthermore, they claim that the company and its camera are the product of two British people.

Is Camtrix A Scam?

Even with all these claims, Camtrix has not had a positive image or a good set of records.

It is a Chinese company whose advertisements might give it away as another scam for the people.

In addition, Chinese companies are notorious for stealing other people’s content for their advertisements.

Likewise, a lifestyle Youtuber’s content is stolen for the advertisement of Camtrix.

Another important point is the reviews of the Camtrix security cameras in Trustpilot.

Moreover, out of the 87 reviews in Trustpilot, 75% are 1-star reviews with people talking about the scam.

However, the Camtrix store website claims they have 3000+ satisfied customers with 4-star reviews.

Also, Camtrix has a trust score of 1/100 on another website ScamAdvisor which helps detect scam websites.

Camtrix scam review
Camtrix scam review in the website Scamadvisor.

One huge point that gives away Camtrix as a scam is another similar company, SpyFocus.

Also, SpyFocus and Camtrix are selling the same security camera product with the same claims.

The Bottom Line

Camtrix is a security camera for home surveillance that claims to be affordable and easy to set up.

However, Camtrix is just another Chinese company with claims that are too good to be true.

So, research and perform a background analysis before purchasing and falling for scams like Camtrix.

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