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How To Fix Discord Sticker Invalid Asset Error?

Users can sometimes encounter invalid asset errors while uploading a sticker file in Discord.

This is a common issue now that users can upload custom stickers to their server.

In Discord, an Invalid sticker asset is an error message users get when they upload a sticker file with the wrong file format or file size. To solve this issue, ensure to upload a PNG file with a file size of less than 500 KB.

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What Is Discord Sticker Invalid Asset?

Users can now upload their own custom stickers to their discord server and the most common error is Invalid Asset.

The “invalid asset” error on Discord means that the sticker file you are trying to upload is not in a supported format or size.

Discord only accepts PNG and APNG files for stickers and the file size must be less than 512 KB.

invalid asset for sticker in discord
Invalid Asset error message while uploading sticker file in Discord.

Further, this is a common error that happens a lot of times when users try to upload the wrong sticker files to Discord.

Uploading the wrong sticker file may also result in your account being banned.

So, users have to make sure to avoid this issue and always upload the file in the correct format.

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How To Fix Invalid Asset Error While Uploading Sticker In Discord?

Fixing the Invalid Asset error is simple in Discord when users follow the correct file format.

Here are all the possible fixes for users to resolve the problem.

1. Check The File Format

To avoid encountering this issue, the first step is to check the sticker file format.

You have to make sure that the file is in APNG or PNG format and the file size is not more than 512 KB.

Moreover, ensure that the sticker file you are trying to upload is in a supported format.

2. Convert The Sticker File

If the sticker file is in other format than PNG such as JPEG, you get an Invalid asset error.

However, it’s possible for Discord even to reject the files saved in a PNG file format sometimes.

In such cases, you have to convert the file again to PNG using any online tool and upload it to Discord.

3. Compress File Size

 Further, if the sticker file is too large, try reducing its size by compressing or resizing it before uploading. 

You can use any online compressor to reduce the size to less than 512 KB.

4. Check Your Internet Connection

Sometimes, when all your file format is correct, you may get this error due to no internet connection.

Uploading the sticker files to Discord requires a stable internet connection.

For this, ensure that your internet connection and router/modem are working properly.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the Invalid asset error while uploading the sticker in Discord is a common issue with a simple solution.

The sticker file size and format may be wrong causing the invalid asset error.

You have to make sure that the sticker file format is correct in PNG form with an appropriate size of 512 KB or less.

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