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Discover All Competitive Maps In MW3

Call of Duty has brought new maps, gunfights, the mission to Modern Warfare III, and many holiday-themed events.

However, CDL 2024 first edition, competitive settings features new competitive modes and maps.

Competitive Maps in Call of Duty: MW3 offers many fast-paced maps, quick and fun matches,close-quarters and long-range combat, hiding spots, and many more. Some of the competitive maps are Invasion, Karachi, Skydrow, Terminal, Subbase, and Highrise.
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An Overview Of MW3 Competitive Maps

The Modern Warfare 3 competitive settings include competitive mode, maps, and restricted items.

Highrise, Invasion, Karachi, Skidrow, Sub Base, and Terminal are the competitive maps for this year. 

Hence, all competitive game modes are limited to 4V4, and the weapon load-outs are restricted to certain items.

CDL 2024 Competitive Maps and Modes.
CDL 2024 Competitive Maps and Modes.

Moreover, these maps are for the three different competitive modes and they are: 

  1. Hardpoint: a multiplayer mode where respawning is always enabled, even if the player’s team holds the hardpoint.
  2. Search & Destroy: an objective game mode without respawns, where players will get only one life per round.
  3. Control: Control is a game mode where teams alternate between attacking and defending two control points on the map.
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List Of Competetive Maps In MW3

The new updates include new rewards, maps, weapons, and load-outs in MW 3, allowing players to compete at a high level.

Here is the list of CDL, Modern Warfare 3 competitive maps, a professional esports league that features the Call of Duty video game series.

1. Invasion

It is featured in Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, and control mode.

Invasion is a multiplayer, decent map that features huge buildings, close street fighting, and long-distance vantage points. 

However, players can expect intense battles and strategic gameplay on this map.

2. Karachi

This map will be available for different modes, i.e., Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, and control mode.

Moreover, Karachi is a multiplayer map that offers various levels where players can use all weapons classes.

In addition, Karachi allows for close-quarters combat in different indoor locations.

multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (2023)
Karachi is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

3. Skidrow

Players will explore this map when they are set to Hardpoint, Search, and Destroy mode during the game.

This is a fast-paced map that offers many blind spots and intense action.

Moreover, it features many good positions that players can take while defeating the enemy i.e. Murray Alley, playground and exposed rooftops.

4. Sub Base

In the new competitive settings of COD, this map is featured only in Hardpoint.

Hence, Sub Base is a multilevel map that features a large warehouse and a highly-contested area for gunfights.

Moreover, this map has some closed spaces suitable for close-quarters combat.

5. Terminal

You will get to explore this map when you set your game mode to Hardpoint, Search, and Destroy mode.

The terminal is perfect for players who like to rush and surprise their opponents.

Similarly, this relatively small map offers close-quarters combat and is an airport terminal.

Moreover, the map features different hiding spots, which players can take advantage of during combat.

6. Highrise

In competitive settings, this map is featured only in Search and Destroy and Control mode.

This map is set in a skyscraper and features three attack lanes and a helipad which players can use as a goal.

Moreover, it is suitable for both snipers and assault players and offers close-quarters and long-range combat.

The Bottom Line

Competitive maps in MW3 offer different environments and strategic elements.

However, it features some of the best maps, such as Highrise, Terminal, and SubBase.

Further, these maps offer players different levels of in-game challenges and action and contribute the distinct gameplay experiences.

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