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Explore The Features Of Warframe Alchemy

Players are curious about the Warframe alchemy mode in the new update of Warframe.

You can earn Tennokai mods from Rotation C of the new Alchemy game mode.

In the Warframe Alchemy game mode, you will get new features, enemies, and challenges including the cross-save and account merging, the saga of SE Goth, defending crucibles, discovering Albert’s Laboratory, etc.

Continue reading to find out more about Warframe Alchemy and its new features.

Warframe New Update 35

Warframe is undergoing a significant transformation with the upcoming whispers in the wall update.

Furthermore, this update comes with thrilling features and cross-save functionality.

warframe alchemy
Warframe Alchemy is the new update of the Whisper in the Wall.

In this update, you can find the 55th Warframe and a variety of game-changing elements.

Moreover, there are many aspects that you can expect from Warframe Alchemy which are given below:

1. Cross-Save And Account Merging

With the Whispers in the Wall update, Warframe players will finally experience the cross-save functionality.

Furthermore, players can also merge their accounts and seamlessly link their accounts.

whisper in the walls
In the Whisper in the Wall update, you can get new features.

However, the UI details of the merged account settings are still not revealed.

This update will undoubtedly reshape how players will engage with Warframe and join the interconnected community.

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2. The Saga Of SE Goth

You can obtain the SE Goth blueprint and Epitaph during the December 13th to 20th timeframe.

Furthermore, there will be an in-game alert during this phase which will require you to complete specific missions.

After you complete all the missions, it will lead you to the construction of SE Goth in the Foundry.

3. Fill Up The Crucible

The Warframe Alchemy is a new game mode that engages players to fill up a Crucible with mixes of elemental energy.

Furthermore, you must successfully defend crucibles from incoming enemies.

It’s like being a wizard collecting and blending different magical energies to make powerful effects.

In addition, the objective of the Warframe Alchemy game mode is to defend as many Crucibles as possible.

fill crucible
In Warframe Alchemy, your mission is to fill the crucible and defend it from enemies.

These Crucibles serve as a container for combined elemental energy that displays the alchemical theme.

Besides, the enemies you face will challenge your ability to balance and utilize these energies effectively.

This mode will give you a dynamic environment with mysterious enemies like void energy and amalgamations.

4. Corvex The Brutalist Warframe

The Warframe alchemy also introduces a new Warframe named Corvex.

Corvex has a concrete-like appearance with a sturdy and impenetrable nature of defensive structures.

Furthermore, Corvex brings unique alchemical elements to the battlefield with the role of radiation tank support and crowd control frame.

5. Discover Albert’s Laboratory

You can also uncover hidden secrets like Albert’s Laboratory.

The mysterious Laboratory acts as a key to open a gateway to the unknown.

Eventually, you will discover the secrets left by Albert in The Trouble of the Man in the Wall.

Subsequently, this will progress you through a new chapter in Warframe’s cinematic storyline.

6. The Tome Of Toome

Toome is a new weapon type you can obtain in the Whispers in the Wall update.

When you wield this mighty tome, you can use its knowledge to hit in destructive ways.

The Bottom Line

In the Warframe Alchemy new game mode, you must fill up the crucibles and defend them.

Hence, you can experience the Alchemical Theme to add excitement and wonder to the world of Warframe.

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