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ARK Survival Halloween 2023: Fear Evolved

The ARK Survival Halloween 2023 started on October 26th and will last till November 9th

However, many were confused about whether this year would have the Halloween event, as last year’s was considered the final.

The ARK Survival Halloween 2023 event is a Halloween-themed event, also known as Fear Evolved, where players can earn special rewards, such as boosted rates, event skins, creatures, ghost skins, chibis, items, and emotes.

Continue reading more about ARK Survival Halloween 2023, how to participate, and the rewards from the event.

What Is ARK Survival Halloween 2023?

ARK Survival Halloween is a unique event based on a Halloween theme where players can earn various Halloween-themed rewards.

Furthermore, the DodoRex and DodoWyvern are extraordinary creatures you can only find during this event.

dodorex is a rare creature
The DodoRex is a rare creature that you can find only during this event.

They are tough to defeat, but they drop valuable loot when killed.

Moreover, after defeating or crafting them in the Cooking Pot, you can obtain their chibis.

During this event, players can experience a variety of new Halloween-themed items, such as pumpkins and dinosaur bone costumes.

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Things To Do During ARK Survival Halloween 2023

Here is what you can do during the ARK Survival Halloween 2023 event:

  1. Firstly, log in to the game during the Fear Evolved event.
  2. You can participate in this event on both official and unofficial ARK servers.
  3. Once you’re in the game, you will automatically experience the Halloween-themed changes.
  4. Additionally, keep an eye out for unique creatures with particular colors that you can tame.
  5. Since all XP, harvesting, taming, and breeding rates will boost, you can level up, tame creatures, and breed faster.
  6. Moreover, you can also collect Halloween-themed skins from supply drops, defeating event creatures or crafting them.
  7. Make sure to bring warm clothes and armor, as the climate during this event will be colder than usual.
  8. Be careful while exploring since the cave creatures will spawn above ground during the event.
  9. You can tame creatures or explore the world without worrying about the sun as the nights during the event are longer.

Rewards From ARK Survival Halloween 2023

The rewards players can earn from participating in the ARK Survival Halloween event are as follows:

SkinsCreaturesGhost SkinsItemsEmotesBoosted Rates
Onyc SwimsuitZomdodoBasiliskPumpkinScareXP: 3x
Skeleton CostumeZombie Fire WyvernDirewolfStolen HeadstoneKnockHarvesting: 3x
ZombDodo Print ShirtSkeletal GiganotosaurusMantisScarecrowZombieTraining: 3x
Reaper SwimsuitBorn Fire WyvernRexDinosaur BoneDanceBreeding: 4x
Pumpkin HelmetGhost Reaper
(Surface reapers)
ReaperDino Candy CornPanic
Headless CostumeSkeletal QuetzalBulbdog
Jack-O-Lantern SwimsuitSkeletal CarnotaurusSnow Owl
Vampire Dodo SwimsuitGhost Basilisk
Zombie Wyvern Print ShirtGhost Mantis
Strawman costumeGhost Direwolf
use bulbdog ghost costume to get bulbdog into spirit
You can use the Bulbdog ghost costume to get your Bulbdog into the season’s spirit.

Additionally, event skins, such as Skelly print shirts, hockey mask skin, and Araneo swimsuit skins, are also available.

You can also obtain some event creatures, such as zombie poison wyvern, skeletal jerboa, and ghost rex.

The Bottom Line

Hence, it is a great way to celebrate Halloween; players can earn more XP, tame creatures faster, and find new Halloween-themed items.

Additionally, there is also a chance you can find Halloween-themed creatures with unique colors that can be tamed.

Likewise, you can find event items scattered around the map or can be crafted in the Cooking Pot, the same as emotes.

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