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Disney Plus Parental Controls Glitch: Causes And Fixes

Recently several users From the USA have reported facing parental control glitch in Disney Plus.

Disney Plus is a popular streaming service that streams popular family-friendly content alongside various other shows.

Disney Plus users from the USA have reported facing the parental controls glitch while trying to access higher-rated content beyond the PG14 setting. Similarly, Users can try using some of the popular VPNs like Express, Nord, Surfshar, etc to resolve this issue.

Continue reading to learn more about the Disney Plus Parental Controls Glitch.

Disney Plus: Parental Control System

Disney Plus offers a Parental Control System for their users to help the parents manage the content for their children.

With Parental Control System, parents can control the content that their children can access on the platform.

Disney plus parental controls
Parents can set up profiles with unique settings for each of the family members.

This feature allows parents to block the type of content that is irrelevant to their children.

Here are some of the features of the Parental Control System:

  1. Profile-Based Restrictions: Users can create a different profile for each family member with each profile having its unique setting, including parental controls.
  2. Content Ratings: Parents can set content age restrictions on the shows based on their content rating to prevent inappropriate content.
  3. Content Categories: Similarly, parents can customize the type of content accessible for each profile.
  4. Pin Protection: The Parental control system provides pin protection for parents to prevent children from altering restrictions.
  5. Profile Locks: Parents can also lock some of the specific profiles with a PIN to prevent unauthorized access.
  6. Device Restrictions: Parents also have the option to restrict Disney Plus access on specific devices.

Parental Control System Glitch IN The USA

Most of the Disney Plus users from the USA have reported facing limitations within the Parental Control System in Disney Plus.

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, users from the USA are facing this limitation regarding the Parental Control System.

Similarly, several users have reported facing a parental control setting issue capped at PG14 hindering them from accessing their content.

Users have reported their inability to access the higher-rated content beyond PG14 and are frustrated with the issue.

disney plus parental controls
Users are not able to access the content despite residing in a valid geography.

This has caused great frustration among the users and are wondering if it is a geographical restriction or an intentional limitation.

Solutions To Parental Controls Glitch

Surprisingly, many users had to face content becoming temporarily unavailable in certain countries like the United Kingdom as well.

Further, users are desperate to find the solutions to this glitch as they are missing out on their favorite TV show.

Users who are facing these problems in the USA or any other location can try using some of the popular VPNs to resolve this limitation.

Likewise, some popular VPNs like Express VPN, Surfshark VPN, NordVPN, and IPVanish can resolve this issue.

Moreover, users who are facing the PG14 and Pg18 restrictions can contact customer support to resolve the issue.

After eyeing the discussion in several community forums, most users have rectified this error by communicating with the support.

However, you don’t get anything above PG14 unless you are in a country where Star is integrated into Disney Plus.

The Bottom Line

Many users are frustrated as they have to face the unprecedented glitch in the Parental Controls System of Disney Plus.

Similarly, Disney Plus Users from the USA can try using a VPN to resolve this issue.

Also, users can contact customer support to fix the issue if they are residing in the country where Star is integrated into Disney Plus.

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